Sennhieser 650's

..using a dedicated balanced headphone amp.  The upgraded Cardas cable had a drooping shrink wrap so it went back to Cardas for a no charge fix.  In the interim, I plugged in the standard issue cables that came with it.  I don't know if the very obvious increase in fidelity was the Cardas, or that the phones are used balanced.....but there is a holy cow difference for the better with the Cardas....  Funny that Cardas isn't my cable of choice for the rest of the system.
Interesting, my system is all Cardas but never bothered with the headphones. Mine are 650’s as well, I guess I will look at getting a set
Cardas (imho) imparts there own sonic signature in a very powerful way. I like cables that don't do this in fact they do the opposite.

Matt M 
Had the Cardas with my 600's.  Bought the Stephan Audio Arts cable.  If you like the Cardas you'll be VERY happy with the Stephan Audio Arts cable.
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