Sennheiser upgraded cable Cardas/Equinox?

I have several pairs of Phones. Senn 650's. Grado 325i, AKG 501's All of which I use with my ASL MG DT OTL MKIII HP amp.( tube rolled to good effect and AC cord replaced with Synergistic Research Master coupler)) and using RS Audio Illume' and Audio Art IC-3 as my HP amps connects)
Im looking to upgrade the cable on my Sennheiser 650's. I have tried the Moon Silver Dragon to good effect, but I still feel that even as good as this cable is... and its very good..( deep bass and dynamic midrange )I have a few issues with a lack of resolution and what I would call a "slight lack of tonal quality" in the upper mids.Not bad mind you..but I feel that I can get better still with perhaps the right cable upgrade. Not to mention how stiff and awkward this cable tends to be. I have not tried the Cardas or the Equinox cables, but am thinking of the Equinox...dont know where to find them however.

Can anyone offer an opinion or suggestion? BTW...Of course Id love to have the Stax Omega or Senn Orphius systems...but Im living in the real world with HP's :)

The Zu Mobius cable for the 650s is natural, neutral, and balanced sounding; it's very relaxed & smooth & not bright. (Brightness is something to be avoided at all costs with phones, IMHO.) It is much better than the Cardas (I have both.)

Physically, it's a bit stiff, so be sure it's long enough (mine is 10-feet, or maybe 3 meters).

I have not tried the Equinox.
Thanks. I agree with you on the brightness issue with phones. I can live with less than the best bass...but the highs have to be smooth! So..where can I find the Zu Mobius?
i just returned my cardas sennheiser cable - it was terrible. better than stock but nowhere close to zu mobius and silver dragon in terms of transparency and speed.
i prefer silver dragon to zu mobius - cheaper, better speed and transparency.
i have never tried the equinox.
equinox can be found at todd the vinyl junkie and dedicated audio, send zu cable an email if you want to buy the zu mobius.
Tiberian- Thanks for the info. Both you and Rgs92 are of the same opinion on the Cardas. This was very timely and helped me avoid getting the wrong cable for the Senn's.

Like you, I did indeed like the Silver Dragon, but sold it( typical audiophool impulse here). I just ordered the Blue Dragon from Moon Audio. Based on the reviews and Drews own assesment of the sound of these cables, The Blue is very similar to the Silver in sonic balance with a touch less detail in the upper mids and highs. That sounds like the cable Im looking for, and at the length I need (17ft) much less expensive than the Zu would be.

Thank you and Rgs92 for the very nice, helpful on and off line information!- Best Ken
please tell us your impression once you get the new blue dragon :). personally i am trying to avoid copper in my signal path.
Tiberian- Will do. This may be the only area where I want copper. All my IC's and PC's are silver! Ill be sure to follow up.Drew is having to make the pair, so it will be awhile. Thanks again.
good luck, i have tried a few copper cables before and so far i have only found the vh audio pulsar and audiogeek nitrogens enjoyable.
6/27/05... I have logged about 75 hours on the Blue Dragon cables with the Sennheisers.

This cable definately sounds better balanced than the Silver Dragon. It is especially smooth, yet open in the highs.Tremendous layering and tonal quality,airyness that compliment the 600 series phones.

It sounds very similar to the Silver in the mids and has the authoritative bass of the Silver Dragon. To my ears it is as revealing of subtle detail without the tendency to slight vividness(mild harshness)or as I previously described as a slight lack of tonal quality in the upper mids, that the Silver can sometimes exhibit.

Very satisified with this cable.It seems to have brought the Senns to their full potential.I think Drew has a wonderful cable to offer that my be even better than his Silver! It was just the upgrade that I was hoping it would be! :) Ken
nice to know that you have found the cable you need :) is the blue dragon as stiff and heavy as the silver dragon?
It's a bit less stiff and heavy..but still likes to "coil up" if its handeled excessivly. I find that if I keep it run out straight to the amp from my listening position, its less of a chore to handle.
my zu mobius has arrived and it is a very nice sounding cable. it has a pleasant bloom and a strong bass. not as transparent as the moon audio silver dragon (my favorite) but i can see why people find it more 'musical'.
so far my preference is silver dragon > mobius > cardas.