Sennheiser HD 650 or HD 600?

I'm a beginner audiophile who will be buying a set of headphones in the next couple weeks.

I can get the 600's for around $400 CAN and the 650's for around $550 CAN.

I'm just wondering whether people prefer the HD650 or HD600 and if it is worth the extra cash.

Also, if people would like to give me an opinion for inexpensive (max $400), yet excellent sounding headphone amps that would be great.

Hey Matt- Run a search at and you will get enough info about this to make your head spin. IMO, if you are a beginner, get the 600s and use the extra $ to buy a better source or headphone amp (which you will need with the Senns).
I was gonna recommend the 650, as people seem to agree that they are definitely a superior headphone to the 600, but Swampwalker made an excellent point. It won't really matter which set of cans you get if you don't first have a good source of amplification.
Another option. The Audio-Technica ATH-W1000 at $459. Read the review.
Good luck.
I agree about the 600's over the 650's with a good headphone amp (tube possibly). Though a little less accurate and not quite as full range the mid-level Grado headphones are very enjoyable.
Ok, but despite the fact that I need a good amp, which is the better set of headphones?

I've been reading that the differences are night and day and the 650 are better by far. However I've also read that the 650's are too colorful, perhaps creating a loss of clarity.

Thanks for the help guys.