Sennheiser/drop 6xx plus amp?

HI, I'm purchasing the Drop 6xx (modeled after the Sennheiser650) and I have a dragonfly  (1st gen.) and a Schitt Fulla. (i'm not a prude put that name is too stupid...!.) I do a lot of listening at my computer and i"m bring to upgrade my sound as much as I can due to severe hearing loss in the upper range. Right now I'm using Beyer dynmaicDT770. Do I run the signal from the Dragon fly to the Schitt? OR straight from he usb to the Schitt. I bought the Schitt not knowing how good or bad - just heard of the name. Will I be better off with a different amp? I see on their site it lists the Fulla as a gaming amp. I had no to idea. SO you see I'm pretty clueless. (BTW -all who helped me with my turntable questions - I ended up with Rega  open box....great advice!). Appreciate you high end folks helping out beginners like me. Thanks
Congratulations on your purchase. The HD6XX are a true steal at this price. Unlike many other cans in this price bracket, these puppies will scale up with higher end equipment. Each time I moved up the headphone amp ladder, the HD6XXs responded in kind.
Yeah, dump that Schiit and either get the Drop Cavalli CTH amp for $175 (fed by your Dragonfly) or there’s someone selling a new CTH amp with built-in SDAC for $250 on eBay. The CTH has gotten great results paired with the 6xx, so either way I think you’ll be a very happy camper. Best of luck.