Sennheiser 650 Headphone Cable Upgrade

I just purchased a pair of Sennheiser 650 headphones. I was debating on upgrading the headphone cable. For all 650 owners, did you upgrade the cable and was it 'worth' it? I'm trying to stay under $300 if I decide to purchase an upgraded cable. Strictly casual listening through an iPod or my Marantz receiver.

Also, what cable manufacturers do you recommend (i.e. ALO Green Line, Cardas)? I'm sure there are others, but that's just what I found. Any other recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
I have upgradded my 650's using Double Helix Audio cables. Very good sound. He knows Sennheisers.
I've got the Senn HD600 and a cable upgrade made a very very significant improvement. The same would definitely hold for the HD650 too, since the differences between them are relatively minor. I used a Moon Audio Blue Dragon for $185, IIRC. Any of the premium cables will definitely improve the sound, e.g. Moon Audio, ALO, Cardas and others.
I've had good luck with Moon-Audio's Black Dragon Cables. The pins at the headphone end are a bit flimsy and had to be replaced after 2yrs ($40). But I would wager it would be the same for other cables as well.
Thank you for responses. I'll look into those brands as well.
Check out Stefan Audio Arts (SAA)9 I have found their cables (endorphine and equinox) to be excellent for both the HD600 and the HD650. Their construction is excellent and they sound absolutely stunning. Check the threads on Head fi for SAA and Sennheiser and see what I'm talking about.
I had good experiences with signal cables for my HD 580s. There is a 30 day return policy.
I have Sen 650's and have Cardas replacement cables. The difference is quite striking ...everything gets better. I think its so odd, since Cardas cables are the very worst on my system using interconnects, speaker cables, and power cords.
Anybody try these -

For the price and the fact its silver, it's very appealing compared to dropping $300+ on the other manufacturers.
Another vote for the Stefan Audio Arts cable; I've been using the Equinox (now cryo'd) cable with the 600s for many a year.
I've got Senn 600's with the cardas cable and it's quite an improvement.
I've got Senn 600's with the cardas cable and it's quite an improvement.
ANyone tried any cable upgrades with Sennheiser Momentum phones? Any results?


With my budget, I think this is my best bet.
Well, I ended up purchasing a USED Stefan Audio w/ 1/4" plug headphone cable for a great price. I typically will only listen through my Marantz receiver, but I may also want to plug it directly into an iPod. With that being said, will the Sennheiser adapter suffice or would that degrade the sound?
The Stefan Audio Art is a very nice cable for the Sennheiser 650. With the limited music quality to be had directly from an iPod, I do not think you will hear a decrease with the adapter.
I'm a longtime fan of the HD650 for its coherent, non-fatiguing sound, and great value for the price. I've had most of the legendary headphones at one time or another. I've used the Equinox, Cardas, Blue Dragon, Silver Dragon, and Zu Mobius cables with the HD650. The Zu was the clear winner, and it wasn't even close. I currently use the 650 with the Equinox (it was what I could get at the time), and keep wishing it was the Zu cable (recheck every morning; nope, still a bloody Equinox) -- I've let a couple of those Zu's go and always regretted it later. The Zu is unique in that it does the following:

* boosts the treble & sparkle (the 650 needs it) without broaching the point of harsh or fatiguing
* doesn't dry up the 650's nice midrange, like pure silver seems to
* tightens up the bass without making it leaner in the process
* excellent, pinpoint imaging

All the other cables fail on 1 or more of those points.