Senn 600 vs AKG 601or 701

Any thoughts or recommedations?
Hi Lightfla,

I had exactly the same question and asked around a lot. I finally got the answer I went with from a sales rep at Headroom. He asked me what kind of regular speakers I like, and I defined my tastes in terms of my long love with ADS L810s. I absolutely loved their open and airy sound, and, when I added a subwoofer, I was very happy until my son blew them up listening to Magical Mystery Tour. I've never liked home speakers with a more closed, almost muted sound.

So, the Headroom guy recommended the AKG701s, presumably because they would resemble my old ADS 810s. I wasn't able to audition any of the phones I wanted to buy, and I'm still waiting for my AKGs. If they come in and I get an amp for them, I 'll see if I can't give you an update.

Sounds from headfi that the 701's might be a little better, but the hype machine is running on full speed as people are getting their new phones and being excited about it.

Are there any brick and mortar stores that cary the 701's? Or are they on back order still for a month or more.
Still waiting for my 701s. The headfi debates rage on, of course. I'd like to find out what amps people are using with the AKGs. I'm considering X-cans, the Woo 3, the Little Dot III, and the Meier Corda Aria. Any experience?

No - I don't have any experience with those amps. I think all the ones you've mentioned are very good from everything I've read at headfi.

I didn't bight the bullet on the 701's because the Senn 600 with cardas cable is an amazing phone. I also have the Grado RS-1, AKG K1000, and feel that the Senn 600 is the most nuetral and accurate phone (although I love the musicality of the RS-1 and amazing sound of the K1000). I think the 701 would be too similar to the Senn 600 which I prefer over the Senn 650. So, I haven't had a desire to get it.
Many thanks Robm; I'm going with the x-cans; I've heard they're great. You've got quite a collection there. For what kind of music do you prefer the Grados?

The Grado's are good for rock or basically any music with a beat. It sounds good on all music though. The RS-1 with the mahogany sounds really good with acoustic guitars, violins, etc.

After listening to the Grados, the Senns can sound boring simply because the Grados have a much faster transient response.

Let me know how the X-cans sound with the 701's.

Will do! The guy I'm trying to buy the x-can from is also selling Grado 325i cans. I might spring for the whole set!

Later Rob.