Sending my Linn LP 12 Transcription Globally

Maybe you could help me.

So I cannot remember if I should take the hinges off dust cover and pack up cover separately? I have the platter spindle off and have very carefully covered up the post with a small (clean) plastic bag.

What should I cover the female post base hole up with. Will it potentially leak oil?

Arm: I should zero out my anti skate and remove the counter weight? Probably twist tie the arm to the rest?

Any ifo is much appreciated. Any packing diagrams?

I have the original box

Thank you, mark
Unless packing has changed, the hinges come off the dust cover and the counterweight comes off the arm. When you remove the counterweight, if the rubber O rings on the arm are old and dry, they may tear off though and may have to be replaced. You won't know until you try. Usually, the packing comes with a rubber cap to cover the spindle hole so that nothing falls in. It's best to remove the oil and replace it with fresh oil when it is reassembled.

Thanks Mark,

Don’t remember a plastic cap in the packing. Can I get something at Lowe’s to suffice to snap over the covering?

The O rings...oh boy! If I remove and they are dried out. I should probably make the buyer aware? Will that be my responsibility?

Yes I know the hinges remove nicely. How does the cover sit inot all the packing you remember?

Thanks for all your help.

Hey Mark, the arm and the armboard MUST be removed from the 'table or the armboard will get torn off in transit. You can use clear plastic wrap doubled over and attached with a tight fitting rubber band around the oil well. The inner platter must also be removed. It basically gets torn down pretty far for transit.
You can buy a Linn LP12 box. It's around $95. I bought one to ship my LP12 when I sold it last year. You have to take the arm off though. I shipped mine arm, lid, platter off. Left the counterweight on the arm. Lingo had to go in a separate box.
I do have the box. Once the hinges come off. how does the dust cover sit inside the box?

Does the arm just come of from the ste screws on the back?

Thanks everyone for the helpfull responses.

Hey Mark, the arm comes off of the arm collar which is mounted to the armboard. The allen key for it is on the right side as you are looking at the arm from the front. There also is a set screrw that may or may not be used to hold the arm cable in the arm. On the right side (looking form the front)is a tiny allen screw inset in the arm post. If you pull and feel a lot of resistance it is probably tightened. The armboard unscrews by 3 screws from the underside. You must take the armboard off or it will be forcibly removed in shipping and you will need to buy a new one. Depending on how old the packaging is the dust cover normally sits in the top piece of styrofoam, there is an indention for it.
Thanks very much. Hope the buyer is prepared to put it back together.
Probably should let him know.

go to Lowes and buy a can of that spray foam isolation.
Stick the turntable in a box, with the dust cover off of course, and spray away...
Dear Hrunge,

Hello...that seems pretty dumb, no offense. Why would I do that!