Sending a 110 lb amp to the manufacturer for cleaning/calibration. Good idea? How to ship?

Hi All,

So I reached out to Simaudio as my amp (Simaudio Moon Titan HT200 5 channel) is getting a bit long in the tooth. It performs truly flawlessly and is just beautiful and barely even gets warm after running all day long. I was just more curious than anything about lifespan, etc. Simaudio replied right away. They said all the units they'd manufactured since 2001 are still "active". However they did recommend sending it to them (if I could be without it for a few weeks) for "cleaning and calibration".  

Couple of things, I can't even go 1 day without this unit. But beyond that just the thought of packing this thing up and shipping literally makes me cringe. I'd certainly pay extra if there was some way to avoid UPS/FedEx or any other means like that. Any recommendations and have any of you ever done something like this?

Would appreciate any advice. Thanks all in advance...
@jnovak Thanks for responding - you know this thought did actually occur to me as well. Kinda ties in with the "if it ain't broke don't fix it", LOL. Or be careful what you wish for:). However I do have tremendous trust and faith in the folks at Sim and why I wouldn't bring this amp anywhere or to anyone else...Plus just as it's always good to get your routine check ups with your PCP I'd love the confidence of hearing from the folks at Sim that she's all good to go. Worth a nice road trip and $350 for the servicing which I thought was a tremendous price considering the cost of Sim gear!
CARDBOARD is always the best material for packing. NOT thin cheap cardboard but rather heavy cardboard. It is resilient. Plywood not so. Whatever you ship, rest assured it will get bounced around. I've seen some people use duct tape for the outside of the box. Another no no. It isn't made to adhere to cardboard. Buy packing tape that has string reinforcement in it. I do like the very sturdy type of bubble wrap. It is usually green in color and won't break unless you run over it with a truck. 
Whatever you do, steer clear of plywood! I'm in Allentown, Pa. I always have packing material on hand should anyone need some. Boxes as well. Cheers, Joe
I shipped a mono block pair of 120lb amps to Korea from the west coast. So I feel you’ll be okay shipping one.