send the electrician !!!

When i first upgraded my system I put in two 20 amp dedicated power lines because my house didn't have accessable power where the system had to go. I never had a chance to hear it through "normal" house wiring. I just moved this weekend and hooked my system up to the existing house power so I could have some tunes pending installation of dedicated lines. AAAARGH!!! Where went the dynamics, what happened to all that space and air around the players, what is that godawful hiss coming through my speakers. The chiorboy who listened to the sermon has now actually seen the light and I say to all non-believers get thee an electrician! As a side issue..... Due to WAF room arrangement priorities I need some long IC. Does anyone have any suggestions for an IC to replace HT Pro-Silway Mk II (maybe with some improvements in the lower mids) that I can get in 30 ft lengths without resorting to selling future children into servitude. The IC is between VTL amps and VTL pre-amp Does anybody audition these kinds of lengths??.
Piezo- I've had very good results with long (27 ft) Coincident Speaker Technology ICs. They take three to four weeks to burn-in, but quite good for the money. Goodluck.
The Coincident IC are suberb in long or short runs.They are real good value for $.
I can extremely highly recommend LAT IC-200 or IC-100 cables for long IC runs. I've personally heard them at 18ft with no discernible difference compared with a 1m run. Very, very reasonable pricing. As for break in, I have found the best way, and the fastest, to break in audio interconnects is to use them as digitals for a couple of days. In fact, you can just connect the two cables in series with a cheap coupler, put between transport & DAC, and just leave the transport turned on for a day or two that way. The DAC need not be on & a disc need not be playing. You'll also find out that the LAT IC cable makes a damned fine digital cable. Not quite as good as mine, though. If you do the same procedure with your other IC's, you will very likely get smoother top end & more open-ness out of them, no matter how well used they are.
I have not heard the Coincident's, and I use Harmonic Tech Truthlink and Magic interconnects, with the only exception being my subwoofer cable (DH Labs BLII). It works well in a 4 meter length, and might serve you well, if you need to keep cost down. It was very reasonable through
The coincident IC get recommended a lot, to the point where they seem to be at lease a must listen. Does anyone have a recommendation as to a dealer who lends them out for a trial. For that matter who is a good dealer for them period. Around my area no one has even heard of them. thanks for the input
If you liked the HT interconnects perhaps you would like the Acoustic Zen interconnects. They are designed by the same designer that designed the HT products but these are much better. I am a dealer for the Acoustic Zen products, email me and we can discuss this further.
You can buy the Coincident IC direct from Coincident (check website; I do not know about a loan for a trial) or from Arthur Salvatore at High End Audio (check high-endaudio website). The Coincident IC takes incredibly long to break in (500 hours) and is a little laid back when compared to other, more-direct (and far more expensive) cable, but can run at long distances (I have heard; I have experience with only the 1 meter length, however).
Piezo, thank you for verifing my belief that dedicated power lines are imperative for good sound. Purchasing those expensive power conditioners and power cords are a waste of money unless you feed them with a good power source. Sometimes they may even be unecessary when good dedicated power is available.
If you can go with balanced cables for the ic's. They are better for longer runs.