Semi-Review Klipsch Chorus

Just got a new (Old!) pair of Klipsch Chorus I which the previous owner meticulously cared for and installed new (Crites) crossover. All I can say is -wow-. A bit of background, I was looking for speakers to go with my McIntosh C22/MC240 combo that's been sitting in boxes for the last couple years. In the past I've had all SS and typical modern speakers (e.g. B&W), all good stuff I've been happy with, and expensive. Since I inherited and cherish my Father's Mac gear, I decided to get rid of multiple systems and just keep that. I figured I would take a hit in sound quality but didn't mind so much for various reasons I won't go into here (other than this - I have small kids - these speakers are kid friendly - they can't pull them down on top of themselves or damage the drivers for the most part). I've been frustrated in the vintage speaker search - there are so many available, and it's hard to tell what condition they're in, what the best matches are for your equipment/room, etc. So after plenty of research after I was lusting after new Tannoys and looking at the Klipsch heritage line (new), I found these gems on Craigslist. Long story short, all the audiogoners here who praise the older Klipsch's and sent me in that direction have my thanks. Here's why: 1) Top to bottom balance/coherency. 2) Easy placement (why did we get away from speakers that belonged against the wall!) 3) they image just fine 4) Can anyone say 'presence' ? I have not even hooked them up yet to the tubes, just plugged them in to my current SS system - nothing fancy, an Arcam A19 and Oppo player. I listen to jazz and classical mostly. Current speakers are KEF LS50s with a JL sub. Overall I was pleasantly surprised to find I did not make a backwards move at all, and possible even forward. These speakers sound great - and I've been involved enough in the HiFi game to notice all the various qualities we like to talk about these days. It's no wonder they've been making this type of speaker for over 60 years or more. I think when everyone wanted smaller speakers we lost good as the current ones are, however. If I were new to the hobby for $1,000 bucks a used receiver and an older pair of speakers like this would be a great savings!
I don't know if your Chorus really qualifies as Klipsch Heritage series, which I think consist 96 Horns, Bella, Lascala, Cornwall and Heresy. However, many folks have found that Chorus offers more low end than Heresy and thus preferred.

As a second system I have a Melos Sha1. ...GTA se40. ..Heresy system that I enjoy playing late at night and at low volume. I have done extensive mods to my Heresy and have improved their performance tremendously. In spite of this they still have a slight midrange honky tone and colored treble that becomes distracting at louder volumes.

But at low to reasonable volumes they shine and provide much enjoyment.
Amendment to my post - I said they had "top to bottom balance/coherency" - coherency was probably not the word I meant. I was referring to the fact that the speakers seemed to be reproducing all the frequencies (within spec), nothing missing, and balanced top to bottom.
Enjoy your system. Your dad had a good ear and left you a fantastic system to be enjoyed for generations. It is great that you cherish it and honor him by keeping it and making it the center of your playback system.
Ray, the chorus also seem to get a bit honky at louder volumes - luckily I don't listen loudly that often. I was considering the Heresy's as well, given they are room friendly (small) and frankly, kind of cool the way they sit on the floor. Not cheap though, new. That was one reason I was happy to find the older pair of Chorus that was in good shape and much cheaper...