Semi Portable

So for the last decade, well longer really, I've travelled for work. Sometimes for short periods, but mostly full time on the road in hotel rooms/ extended corporate accommodations. I've been travelling a Technics 1200 mkII and a Cambridge Soundworks Model 12 setup with a crappy phono stage that I built for about as long which works pretty well for me. That said, I have a nice budget tube system at the place I call "home". I will now be heading to NYC temporarily. I say temporarily because I'm not going to move back there for good and I'm not sure how long the show I'll be doing will run on Broadway. Obviously I won't be able to go with a system with a large sub, but think I might want something more than the Model 12's provide.

Any suggestions for a decent system for a studio apartment in NYC that won't break the bank? Amp/ integrated amp, phono and speaks for around $5k - $6k? I also generally stick with MM carts as they seem to travel better.

I just don't really want to pack up my home system and send it there as it is also quite large. Thanks for any input.
That is a tough one. I have been on the same path. I travel a lot, and started with a Model 12, Gallo A'Divas for speakers, and a Grant Fidelity tube buffer to process the digital audio after the DAC. Each year it has changed and grown, to my current travel system consisting of Quad 12L Actives. I use a DAC with preamp built in, and its fantastic. This is not a tube setup though, so you might not like it as much. You could try something like this with a balanced tube preamp maybe.

Hope this helps some,
You can get full range sound in a small speaker without a sub with transmissionline speakers. Most known brand is PMC with the smallest model db1. Works well with tube amps. Very nice imaging, pace, rythm and timing, very detailled bass. Active speakers: ADAM a3x, genelec 8020. If you go digital get PMC twotwo 5 + moon mind 180 streamer. System audio sa2k is also very nice with tube amps and one of the best mini monitors I know.