Semi-Compact Integrated Amp w/ Excellent Sound Quality?

I have a Marantz PM8006 Integrated & I consider it to be excellent sound quality for me. I am looking for an amp for my desk that has a smaller footprint, particularly width-wise, but has equal sound quality. I am not interested in down-grading SQ. Does anyone have first-hand experience with this?

I am feeding this with a Schiit Modi Multibit & Schiit Eitr. Other than just a basic integrated the only other feature required is a sub-out or pre-out for my 2 subwoofers. Speakers are Aperion Grand Verus III Towers, fairly efficient.

For example, sizewise something like the PS Audio Sprout 100 would be good. But what about SQ? I'm not experienced with Class D. I do not want something that falls apart at 100db. Looking for mostly a neutral-ish presentation with good dynamics, depth to the soundstage, & imaging.

Pricewise I was looking around $1000 but it's flexible.

I have an NAD M10 in my office with Sonus faber Sonetto II and it sounds wonderful.
A used Bel Canto C5i would work well.  There’s a used NuPrime IDA-8 for $650 that’d also be very good if it’s not too big.  Best of luck.
The Sprouts good enough for a free audition. I'm loving my Nobsound in the office. First amp that kicked old Pioneer columns into gear. With bass, treble and sub amp.
You might find the Marantz HD-AMP1 is what you are looking for. I tried it and the matching CD player with a pair of Wharfedale 80th Dentons for the bedroom and ended up keeping the whole setup. I bought open box or refurb, so the price was even better.
The Brio would've been perfect but there are no sub outs or pre-outs. I am reading the Sprout 100 sound is a bit on the thin side.

The Marantz HD-AMP1, Cyrus One HD, NuPrime IDA-8, all look like good options. Does anyone any head-to-head comparisons with those & other amplifiers?

Anyone with direct experience with the Quad Vena II?

The NAD & Bel Canto seem like good higher-priced options.