'semi-budget' amps for Platinum Audio Solos

I am new to the higher end of audio and am wondering what peoples' suggestions for a nicely-capable and full-sounding integrated amp would be for the Solo's. I stumbled into a fantastic deal on a pair of these wonderful speakers locally, and could not pass them up. But they reveal the shortcomings of my NAD 7600 receiver, which has been raved about for its own strengths. Guess the speakers deserve something in the next league. However my budget is limited. I would like to find something used in the $500-750 range. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I've seen some very favorable reviews for integrateds like: Musical Fidelity integrated, Creek, Plinius (out of price range I think), Bryston...but Unison research SR1 REALLY INTRIGUED me. Anyone have experience with that one? The solo's are about 84-86db sensitivity, so take a bit of power. The Unico by Unison looks good too. But are these enough power? And does quality of the watts make up somewhat for less power? Any thoughts? Thanks, Chris.
"take a bit of power"... these beasts require "power-o-plenty"!!! I owned a pair and ran them with a Bruton 4B-ST amp and felt they could use more. I'm not sure your target price zone will offer many possibilities for a high power integrated but I'd look into a Foreplay tube preamp and an older Bryston 4B amp - maybe cost you $800-$900 all costs in and would make a very nice combo.
I agree with RGD. They need a TON of power. No integrated (at least in that price range) is gonna' do it. The more power you feed them, the better. I had spectacular results with an Acoustat TNT 200 (200 wpc MOSFET) and a Sonic Frontiers SFL-1 preamp. My recommendation would be to buy some "affordable" brute force, such as a Hafler, Perreaux, old Bryston, maybe even Rotel or Adcom and then buy a decent preamp. It's been my experience that they're not all that picky about the amplification provided that there's plenty of high current.

Down the road, you might want to think about a Sunfire Signature amplifier (600wpc). I know that these are very contoversial, but that's what I heard drive the Solos when I first auditioned them and it was phenomenal. I don't know how the Sunfire sounds on other speakers but I can recommend it for your Solos w/o reservation.

Good luck. You've stumbled across what is probably one of the greatest bargains to be found in the used market.
I use 35 watt per channel tube amp, Sound Valves VTA-70i, $500 used,and it really does the job with nearfield listening about seven feet in front of the Solo's. The Solo's are a bargain in the used market at $700 to $800 depending on condition, and yield astounding full range sound combined with all the best qualities of a smaller monitor speaker. You will always hear from tube amp users that a good tube amp can do well when the tube watt rating seems puny in comparison with moderate priced transistor amps of moderate output, say up to 100 watts per channel. I have not tried to fill a large room with 35 tube watts per channel, but I barely have turned up the volume control and the nearfield sound is as loud as anyone in the family can stand. Entire active preamp can be bought used for $200 to $250. Perhaps someone using an economical, integrated tube amp with the Solo's will post their results.
I wouldn't say the Solos offer "astounding full range sound" as this would be "astounding" hyperbole. What, then, to say of their Duos and Trios which double and triple the number of woofers? However, they do provide bass extension far in excess of what you'd think a 5" woofer could do, especially in a small room.

And!! They do like power, the more the better (and this goes for the quality, too). They tend to sound a bit dark and recessed (but oh so lovely) when underpowered. Too bad you couldn't find a used Mesa Baron tube amp (150 wts) for your budget. This is what I used and the power output is adjustable from 35wts triode to 150 pentode and the sound of amp can be adjusted with tube rolling.

Please try as much as possible to go with at least 100 wts of real, high current power. And you should probably use an active pre-amp for the extra gain stage.

By the way, this speaker is one of the first to design terrific goods looks along with good music making. If you can, try to find someone who can lacquer finish the rosewood sides - Platinum did this as an option at the end the their run and it was beautiful.

Finally, I recently saw a pair of Solo Signatures (with the granite sides and special stands) at a local dealer. A $4,500.00 set up for $1,500.00. If I wasn't running SETs I'd have bought them just for beauty and as a second pair. Now that I think of it, i should have bought them and a used 2nd amp! Oh well, carpe diem!
I have the solos as you can guess from my moniker. For integrateds, forget it! They need a ton of power. I have had the musical fidelity amp running them....I DONT Recommend it! After going through several pieces...I would recommend a PARASOUND HCA-1000a or larger Parasound amp.

I went through several integrateds and several amps in the "inexpensive" price range and the only one to cut it was the HCA-1000a for about $250 used ($600 new)...I think there is one here now on Agon. Run, dont walk to this one. Then get an inexpensive premap to go with it, maybe an ACURUS RL-11 or RL-10 for about $200, or an older CARY preamp. You won't be dissapointed!

By the way, I have kept my solos through my stereo upgrading, now running a Pass X150...oh so magical!

Email for further details if you wish.
Don't go cheap on the pre-amp. Try a passive (check with manuf. of your amp and CDP for imp. matching) and if this doesn't work, buy the best pre-amp you can afford. If you need time to save for a good one, pick up a used Creek OBH12 (list $350) which is a very good remote controlled passive. Pre-amps matter a great deal so don't scimp at this point.
Thanks everyone for the great suggestions. I plan on researching for a while more...I seem to have now become unexpectedly drawn into the world of audiophile upgrade fever!! How does this happen??!! ;) Chris.
try the denon pma-2000ivr it is rated at 80 watts per but can put out 120 amps pof current. it retails for $1200 new but i saw it somewhere on the web in the 7-800 dollar range with shipping included.
This is how upgrade-itis starts, buying one component that needs a better component to sound its best, then continue leap-frogging for years.
BTW, find that quality of power is as important as quantity with the Solos. I'm presently using an Aloia inductive 30-watter that sounds magnificent with the Solos, better than my Bel Canto Evo in many ways, except maybe a little closed-in.
I'd also look at McCormacks.