selling Vinyl

Can someone walk me through selling software. I have done it a few times in the past, but can't seem figure it out.
Go to local dealer. Accept pennies on the dollar payment.

When I sell My used vinyl this is what I do.
I take it first to the place which pays best but is VERY finicky.
Then I take what is leftto the next best place which buys most of the rest.
If anything is left i haul it to Goodwill.
This helps my local vinyl market. And is what I call 'priming the pump...' And I get back what I lose, in other ways.
Fjn04...are you talking about selling LPs here on AudiogoN?
If so, go to "SELL" then click on "MUSIC"
right under the "EQUIPMENT" heading, (equipment
automatically comes up and is highlighted). Then
Do your homework on how much each LP is worth. If you don't you will come up short. Ebay is one place but look up LP's/Vinyl/etc. Then click on the completed items on the left side. Now search for the titles you want to sell. There you will get an idea of how much each LP is worth or at least what it sold for last. When you trade items in you won't get very much in cash but they will usually give you more in store credit. Selling on line is not for everybody. If you don't have a good system down for grading you will get complaints. Know what you are giving up when you sell to the local guys. I usually sell the good stuff online and get top dollar but the average pieces I may take to the local stores or record convention and trade for something I really want. Good luck!
Another cryptic question that is impossible to decipher and answer correctly. Are we playing charades here ? Present an intelligent question and get a reasonably intelligent answer or response.
Mofi- Sorry, YES. I go to sell and sign in, which takes to this page below. Then I chose NO Thanks, which does take me to the listing page! However, on the right side, it still says listing cost is $4.00. I didn't proceed, because I thought listing was free...?

List it. Sell it. Profit.
Over 1,000,000 audiophiles worldwide.

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No Transaction Fees?
Open Communication?
One Free Re-listing?
Quick View?
Rich Text Editor?
Accept All Payment Types?
Upload Up To 16 Images

Listing Fee

Asking Price
$10New $1 — $999
$25 $1,000 — $1,499
$50 $1,500 — $3,499
$100 $3,500 — $9,999
$150 $10,000+
Listing Type
Create Listing No thanks, create a Basic Listing?
Fjn04...You need to click on the MUSIC heading that is right under the EQUIPMENT heading that is right under:

List it. Sell it. Profit.
Over 1,000,000 audiophiles worldwide.

New Look! Read More


Click on the MUSIC heading and then click on CREATE LISTING.
WOW- figured it out, all good now. I was on proper page, but equipment came highlighted automatically. I then noticed MUSIC under it, but it didn't appear to be a choice that could be clicked upon. Anyway, it is a choice that can be clicked on. In similar cases, I would feel stupid. Not this time. Cheers -Don
Thanks Mofi, can't tell you how long I stared at that, without thinking to click on music. Ponnie and Elizabeth- thanks much, and sorry for being unclear in my post.
best place is discogs. listing is free, commissions microscopic and huge crowd of buyers.
here all sucks because for $1 record you have to pay $1, crowd is very limited(most of members here have very limited knowledge of music down to few known well recorded albums that they keep buying if the new version comes up).
I agree that Discogs can be a good place to sell and to buy, but the biggest foible is the tendency of unsophisticated or lazy sellers to post their particular records indiscriminately in the first pressing subpage when what they are offering is anything but. If you are selling pop or rock of any value, you should verify the pressing/matrix numbers and post in the proper section.
I've sold some vinyl on Ebay very quickly- my rules are easy to follow: good pics, accurate pressing info and conservative grading.
I don't think A-Gon is a particularly good place to sell vinyl.
If the records you are selling aren't particularly valuable, just give them away to somebody- good karma and no effort in creating listings! I got rid of at least 1200 records last year that way. Made room for the stuff I want to keep.
Selling on ebay isn't quickly by any means. While you list 10 records on ebay you can list hundreds on discogs. I used to sell on ebay 14 years ago and wanted to start again recently. I couldn't access my old account after that long period of time and opened new one. New one got quickly lots of positive feedbacks, but one day I asked to increase my listing-selling limit and they found that my previous ID has an outstanding balance and restricted my account.
Due to their very limited ability of the customer service they couldn't figure out how I would pay the balance if I don't have access to my account.
Regrets=none after I moved ALL of my listings to discogs and started selling from there: No restrictions, no need to call and wait hours on hold till you can request selling limit increase... EBAY, YOU FIRED! FINITO! HASTA LA VISTA BB! SEE YOU NEVER!
Wanted to actually make a new post on that, but Audiogon doesn't like it's beloved partner and owner bashed or critisized
You can also sell your vinyl on Amazon. Search for the records you want to sell on Amazon and if they have it listed there you can sell them. Amazon often provides a link on an item for you to sell one of your own. The only problem is that it isn't quick. I've had record listings sit on Amazon for months before they were sold. That and the sale commissions aren't the friendliest anymore I'm finding with Amazon.

Regarding Ebay you record sale can move fast if you start it off at a penny or a $.99 listing. Pretty much you have to sell it cheap if you want the records sold fast.
spend valuable time to list $1 record with your own pictures uploaded and filled-up template? it's a joke to spend even 5m to create $1 listing. than rake is gonna be close to 20%.
amazon charges $1 per listing and there's a time limit as well. not as much restrictions there as with ebay.
I tried e-bay also for an alternative route. I agree 100%, it's ridiculous. What would it cost to have a customer service phone rep, just to help people out.
So Discogs and/or Amazon are a bit more user friendly? The former is great for looking up first pressings to research value…! Cheers -Don