Selling Tubes.

Over the years I’ve accumulated about 10-15 vintage tubes I no longer need.  I’m wondering if anyone here has found a reliable vendor that will buy excess tubes. I don’t have a tube tester and can’t fairly describe the condition of the tubes, so I can’t seller them here.  The alternative would be to have them tested and then sell them with the test results in hand, but I haven’t seen a tube testing service. Thanks. 
What tubes do you have?

You might try contacting Brent Jesse and discuss with him below is a link to his webpage
Don't get pissed when you find out how little they will pay you for them.
Ive always found that Brent Jessee is fair in his prices paid. He has to make a profit but he also tests, grades and sells a high quality tube. I typically sell to him for credit and buy from him to fill a need.
These guys offer testing, for a price(of course): They’re honest and dependable(from personal experience).

Thanks for posting the link. I saved it for future reference!
I can second TC Tubes for testing services.  I had them test a pile of Winged C 6550's and Ei KT-90's last year (nice that they are in the same metro area!).  Tyler was very informative in evaluating the results, and his Amplitrex tester is first class.
jbrrp1, any chance you would sell me a quad of Ei KT-90??
You could try Greg at Cranky’s amp repair. He’s been a very close friend of mine for many years, and he is strictly a tube guy. There’s nothing Greg doesn’t know about tubes. He’s been doing it for almost 40 years. 

- Nick