Selling speakers here at Audiogon


Fellow Audiogoners, I need help.

I have a number of vintage speakers I'm selling however, never done this before.

I'm looking for advice on how to pack, ship and calculate the shipping charges.

Now I've been watching the ads and seeing shipping charges far lower than what I've been able to estimate through this site. Is there something I'm doing wrong or am I selecting the wrong mode of shipping ??

Please help !!!
Not sure why your shipping charges are different; the calculators here access the UPS and Fedex sites, I believe. Packing floor-standing speakers is difficult w/o orig boxes. Make sure that you are getting quotes for each box and then multiplying x 2. You may need to get an accurate quote by bringing them to the shipper in advance. And be aware that retail UPS and Fedex vendors may charge more than using the counter at your nearby UPS or Fedex station. Make sure you insure, but DO NOT expect that shippers will step up and pay claims unless they are forced to. That is one advantage of the UPS store; most offer their own insurance if they packed it. Expensive, but potentially worth it. Good Luck.
You need to go directly to the or to get the actual rates. Make sure you add for residential delivery and insurance.
Packing: No one will pay any potential insurance claim unless you pack as close to the orginal packaging as possible. You will need a minimum of 2" around each speaker using a double walled box. UPS wants 4". I suggest that you look in the Yellow Pages for a cardboard box company and give them a call. They will have double walled boxes for sale, as well as can make custom boxes. Try and use their standard sizes and fill in with foam. They will also have foam and will be able to cut it for you. If you want to DIY, then get 2" white foam insulation from Home Depot and line the box with it. Double layer the top and bottom. Start in the bottom and then the sides. Cut the sides 4" short so you can make a foam cap. Insert the speakers and then fill in all around with double walled corregated. Protect the front (drivers) and rear (binding posts) the best you can. Stap the boxes with fiberglass reinforced tape. The speakers should not move inside the box. They will not get damaged from the outside. The damage comes from them moving inside. Good luck.
Great directions for packing, Cello. I used to be a shipping clerk in a warehouse and I think that you have given as good a recipe as there is. Only disagreement; they can get damaged from the outside, for example bu driving the "fork" of a forklift into them. But there is no control over something like that. Best of luck.
if your speakers have detachable grills its a good idea to wrap them in shrink wrap before packing,this keeps moisture & debris out & it also keeps the grill mounts from being snapped off, also if the speakers are large with heavy magnets its a good idea to wedge a peice of styrofoam insulation under the woofer magnet,this keeps the magnet from being dislodged during shipping.
How about putting them in CLEAN plastic bags prior to packing?
How about just selling them 'local'.--?? Offer to drive part way or such. BAXGLOBAL did the fork lift thing on my speakers and refused to pay. Try suing them;bring your lunch;you'll be a while.
The price you get at the FedEx web site only applies if you have a FedEx account. Which is easily obtained at the FedEx 800 number. So, if you get the account, you will get the price that you got at their internet site. If you take your package to a FedEx retail site, and you don't have a FedEx account, expect to pay close to a 70% markup over the internet price. I got an internet price of $31 to ship a package for one particular transaction. The retail store quoted me a price of $52. This was the case on three seperate occasions and at three different retail locations. So I know it is consistant. Get an account and your good to go.
One last thing. Make sure it is a GROUND account to get the cheapest prices. They won't pick up at your house with that account but the prices are about 25% cheaper than UPS. But do double box and pack,pack,pack!