selling primare cd31, new cdp recommendations?

I have a primare cd31 that i'm selling to buy something else. It previously sat in an home theater system that i thought it sounded great it, but i only used that system for music rarely to once a month or so.

I wanted to get some more use out of it, so i recently tried hooking it up in a warmer 2 channel system i was slowly putting together for music, but it just didn't sound all THAT special to me in that system. this setup consist of modded magnepan mmg's, rogue audio 66 magnum, and an old conrad johnson sa250 amp. it does sound very good, and maybe i'm wrong to feel this way, but i wanted a little more from it.

based on what i have, can anyone make any strong recommendations without having to spend anymore than what i can get for the primare?

i've been looking into a cambridge 840c(which also has the advantage of digital ins so i can hook up a squeezebox to it.), musical fidelity a5, lector 0.6t, raysonic 128 or 168
What don't you like about the Primare can I ask? I am familiar with the Primare gear but and not that particular player.

A good route to go if buying used is to buy the player you may want to try before selling your Primare. I have found at times that I notice a units strengths best when directly compared for a length of time in the same system. One unit may have a more involving mid band but over time it may be found that the top end is lacking etc. I did the same when I bought my Roksan player. I had four players in that I was going to replace it with but ended up realizing it was the best of the bunch. Other changes in my system brought out it's strengths. Best searching!
you know, while sitting in the office it's hard to think about what exactly i didn't like of the primare. like i said, it's a good cdp, but i'm not convinced that i couldn't have something that i like more.

what i would like to get out of this system is warm smooth analog sound. the primare sounds great with my home theater solid state gear, it's detailed and dynamic. i rarely use that system for music though and i'm going for a different type of sound with the little 2 channel system i have.

i'd like to keep this two channel system small, so the added benefit of having digital ins and the CA 840C is appealing since i'd like to add a squeezebox, which definitely needs a dac. i'm not sure though how the sound compares to the primare.

The other tube based players i've been looking at don't have the convenience of the 840c, but could sound more like what i'm looking for.
Hi Njtc,
Boy there are many players out there that if you can try something in your home that would obviously be the best bet.
I think you will get many opinions on what different people like which makes the choice harder without hearing yourself.
I bought what I like with my system and tastes over many years of trying different very good equipment.

Best of luck,
i would love to be able to try them in my own system, unfortunately it's not always easy to arrange that.

i'm aware i would hear a lot of different opinions and thats what i like to hear. I'd like something warm, defintely not bright or fatiguing. if someone feels that one cdp might compliment my equipment more than another then i'm open ears.
I don't about the other highly regarded names on your list but the 840c is an excellent player & a good match w/ the Rogue tube pre. If you get 1 used it will sell for the same amount if you don't like it. Good luck!
go with a music server. but do it right with the quality cables, jitter devices, external dacs, and an iphone or ipod touch to control it