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Hello. I’m wondering how to sell items on Audiogon. I’m suffering from extreme tinnitus and unfortunately have to sell my Focal Stellias. I can’t get near headphones and wonder if all hifi listening will come to an end.  They have under 50 hours on them. Do I have to join the insider division? Thanks.


I have tinnitus.  I ignore it.  takes willpower but can be done.

click this

then read what is there, especially the FAQ’s and section about how to get started selling gear on this site ... it isn't hard... good luck

That's unfortunate. I remember your post last year looking for advice on these and folks said it was a bad idea. Have you tried "green" noise? Or using a frequency generator to target match your tinnitus frequencies? It can provide moments of relief.

Also, with headphones, you might be better off selling listing them on Head-Fi. I don’t think there’s as big of a headphone user market perusing through Audiogon, but there’s no harm in listing them in both marketplaces. USAudioMart is another good one. 

Thanks for the advice. The tinnitus is acute and started 18 months ago and I had no problems before this. I need to see a neurosurgeon. This cannot be ignored unfortunately. My right ear is much worse and this indicates a serious problem. I still listen to music with my 2 channel setup occasionally. I hope this can be resolved surgically. I can not imagine living life without music or this continuing to get worse as it still is. I need serious neck and back surgery yet this is more than that. I’ll post about it after I see another specialist. Thanks again.

I just figured out I need to hit the classifieds link to set upselling items. Thanks Jss49 for the link. It took me back to classifieds and I figured it out. One thing I noticed is 95%!of sellers have a no returns policy on used items. I do not think I would buy anything used with a no returns policy. I think 7 days is appropriate. Any thoughts? Thanks again.


Usually returns are because of buyer’s remorse not because the item is defective.

Once you sell something on Audiogon the fees are withdrawn from the seller and the listing is closed. Do your homework, check the seller’s rating/history, and know the product before you buy it.


I sold a Rogue RP-5 preamp that was less than 2 years old to someone here. About 5-6 months later, he messages me saying there is a problem with it and wanted a refund, lol. I reminded him I am not a store and the answer was no. My recommendation, don’t buy used from a private party and think the private party is going to give you service or a cash refund. Jeez.

I sold a pair o Odyssey Kismet floorstanding speakers to a guy on Audio Circle for a song.   I wanted to keep the speakers but I promised my wife I would thin the herd. A few months later, the person wanted me to buy them back from him because he had buyers remorse (he told me so), really?.


as stated by others... we as audiophiles (and retailers who serve them) should view ourselves as a community of like-minded, collectively invested hobbyists... we are above all else people that deserve fair and reasonable treatment on both sides of a transaction that is mutually agreed upon

when you sell something to a fellow hobbyist, there should be mutual good will... to be honest, to be reasonable, to see the deal for what it is

part of the fun of buying used hifi items as hifi hobbyists is to be able to try them at a price much less than new, and then resell them at minimal financial loss if we move onto something else of interest later ... the buying and selling process is part of the ’work’ involved to have this benefit of in depth trial and ownership

this is different from retailers who are in business to make a profit (where you usually pay full retail), it is generally considered unreasonable to expect a private seller to take back an item for full refund unless there is something patently wrong with the item just received

just like buying a used car from a private party... as a buyer do your homework and due diligence, make your decision, if you buy it it is yours, you want out later, you are responsible to sell it as you see fit ...

The reason I asked thoughts on the 7 day return policy is not because I’m thinking of buying anything. I was thinking it would show good will on my part for the prospective buyer. Now I will list as no return after hearing the bad stories. The product I’m selling has under 50 hours and is in mint condition so there should be no reason for return. Yes I  agree we need to be honest,  real and especially mature with each other as a respectful audiophile brotherly community. I would not want it any other way. I need to be smart too. I do not need someone returning an item like I’m a Walmart store. I do not have time for that.  I guess that’s buyers remorse. Thanks for the needed insight. I can be to nice at times.

Never had any issues selling there.  Easy and fair. Choose a category, take a picture, and post.


Unfortunately, hearing problems start just about the time you can finally afford the stereo system you have always wanted, or even worse just after you spent the money.

@paulg1966 I wasn’t always a dealer, but through this whole time (even when I was selling personal gear), I’ve always started with a no-returns policy. That said, I do care about my buyers’ happiness and typically take the time to make sure the item they purchase will meet their expectations, otherwise I try to help them understand their money may be better spent on a different product. If a person communicates dissatisfaction after purchase, at that point I may offer them an opportunity to return as I want them to be satisfied with their dealings with me. But if I offered a return policy up front, people would take advantage of me left and right. I suggest to go forward with a no return policy and maintain open communication with potential buyers in a way that leads to a mutually beneficial transaction for all.

Life is wasted on the young.

Unfortunately, hearing problems start just about the time you can finally afford the 

On the rare occasions I sell anything on here, or usually U.S. Audio Mart, I offer a DOA warranty, if it arrives DOA then the buyer must notify me within 24 hours of receiving it.  Shipping it back to me is their expense, damage incurred when shipped to them is covered by insured shipping.  Once I receive it and confirm it’s DOA and not damaged I will refund the price they paid and all shipping charges they paid.  Have not had an issue yet.  Seems fair.

@noromance My dad always said it another way (but similar):  Youth is wasted on the young. 

@paulg1966 When my tinnitus started several years ago, I was terrified. Went and had an MRI done as Google had assured me I had an acoustic neuroma among many other scary things. Zilch. Just normal hearing loss that I’ve learned to live with.  Here’s hoping yours is just the same and nothing more. 

@noromance The correct quote is 'Youth is wasted on the young'.

Much more witty.

Alternatively attributed to Oscar Wilde and George Bernard Shaw, both 19th century Irish wits and writers.  For my money it rings truer of Oscar Wilde's style.

Make sure that any medications you might be taking are not exacerbating your tinnitus,