Selling on Audiogon

It appears that it has become more difficult for individuals to sell equipment on Audiogon. com. Has anyone else had that experience. PayPal requires you to set up a business and the other available option also appears difficult. Am I alone in such an experience? Any other alternative that can be suggested?
Not sure what you are driving at but as you decided to quote only HALF my post it destroys the context of how it was posted.

And yes, you do actually have NOTHING to lose, done it more than once myself.

We‚Äôre trying to discourage that sort of behavior, Uber. Is that any clearer? ūüė≥ You can‚Äôt always get what you want but sometimes you get what you need. ūü§ó
I have not read all three pages of answers so forgive me if these opinions have already been offered here...1. Audiogon has grown increasingly into a ‚Äúsubsection‚ÄĚ retail operation of it‚Äô;s own!...2. Most people who look at Audiogon also consider posting/reading both USaudiomart and CanuckAudiomart! And finally...3.As two of my posts bear out within the last (I‚Äôd say) five years the offers and terms with selling to the Audiogon community have become ridiculously filled with lowball offers and unrealistic buyers!...Just my two cents worth!:-(
.....I would definitely agree with you azjake and after 21 years here on Audiogon it has changed and so have the buyers. The fees are outrageous with any third party you involve for payment and then Audiogon charges you a percentage. There is a gluten of used equipment in the marketplace and the lowball offers that are just ridiculous from people who I feel are really not serious to begin with or who are looking to just flip your equipment to make a profit. Hey it is free market system but it gets old …….I have been using and looking at US Audio Mart these days which does seem to be getting more attention these days and less fees. This used to be fun.....I also think Covid has also played a factor in today's audio world. Stay safe and well everyone.           

Anyone have an opinion on this. This is kind of a kick in the nuts for people just trying to get rid of their old gear to upgrade.