Selling on Audiogon

Any members here sell their equipment using PayPal? I'm trying to sell for the first time (instead of buying) and being told I need a "Merchant I.D. # ". PayPal tells me they don't issue those to non-business's, yet Audiogon says you have to have one to use PayPal for selling. I'm at a loss here. Anyone care to enlighten me? 
Just go to your PayPal account settings, grab your merchant ID and add it to your Audiogon account.
There lies the problem. I don't have a Merchant I.D. #...
You can obtain one at PayPal.
P.s. And thanks for the link. I didn't realize what a mess this is now after reading all the posts.

@bultaco  Send me an email to and I will send you a workaround for getting a PayPal Merchant ID.  Put Attention Tammy in the email.   
I just went threw this problem yesterday, my wife had to upgrade to a business account on PayPal As soon as she did the merchant i.d shows up.