Selling off Tubes for Solid State, A Cooler Love Story?

I've always sought out Primaluna gear as my end all be all gear. I started with an integrated, then went to separates and have been very, very happy. What has given me such good sound, is also causing the room temperature to be somewhat annoying. Being in a little shoe box room of 10x15, I've had to result to opening a window, which is becoming tiresome. 

The heat from just the KT88's is causing me to considering going solid state, which will be in preparation for the Summer in my tiny upstairs room. I'd like to possibly get a second amp for the summer months, but am not sure where to start with solid state amps. Do I pick up a BHK? Do I go all in on a used Ypsilon or Dartzeel? What did you look for in a solid state amp and where should I look? I BHK I could test drive at home, but a used Ypsilon I wouldn't able able to try and would just have to pull the trigger. Any advice or guidance is appreciated. 


Here's what I did. I had a pair of Dynaco MkIII mono blocks, but also an ST-70 all modified with new driver boards. I sold the Mono Blocks and bought a Yamaha A-S1200. I use the pre out to the ST-70 when I want to use it. 10x13 room.

Ever hear of air conditioning. ?  I have no idea of what speakers you are driving, much less your taste in music, but getting rid of PRIMA LUNA, well, I think you will discover is a big mistake, just for the sake of an environmental condition. 

Considering that PRIMA LUNA designs employ technology that only drives the power output stages at about 30 - 40% of their full capacity is also puzzling. Were you to switch to a very good quality "CLASS A" solid state amp, you will soon find that it too, will dissipate a significant amount of heat. So, if the temperature of your room is more important that the quality of you audio reproduction, then perhaps you should go "CLASS D". (YUCK !! )

PS If you are stuck using a noisy window AC unit., Then I might suggest a portable  MITSUIBISHI "heat pump" which both cools and heats. I've read good reports on it.

the linear tube audio zotl reference 40 tube amp is worth mentioning in this discussion

a very special amp in that it uses the berning circuit, without output transformers and runs its 4x el34’s at a very modest biasing, thus very moderate heat (much less overall in my experience than a pass or belles class a ss amp, for instance)

the amp has a wonderful, sparkling clarity, speed and impact rarely found in tube power amps, kind of a ying to the primaluna’s yang in sonic attributes - but with all the midrange and imaging magic we expect from tubes (not to mention that w/o transformers, it is light as a feather... :)

Try (x8) 7581A tubes instead of KT88s. My Evo 400 does run fairly warm but not hot enough for me ever to give a care. On top of that Primalunas run tubes relatively easy so I find this post entirely fascinating.

But sounds like the OP is ready for something new.