Selling my hubby's estate--B&W 805 D3: Speakers or Loudspeakers??

I'm slowly working at sellihg my husband's estate & sometimes find myself with questions. (I posted in the Vintage section earlier about some Yamaha components.) This question is about his prized Bowers & Wilkins 805 D3 Rosenut Speakers with stands that he bought from someoe on this site. When I advertise them, should my heading be something like " B&W (Bowers & Wilkins) 805 D3 Diamond Series Speakers with original stands (Pair)" OR should it instead reference that they're a "2-Way Stand-Mount Loudspeaker System" as is depicted on the box they came in and is the way some people advertise them?? 
When I think of the word "loudspeaker" I either think of HUGE speakers that are used blast music to a large crowd in a huge venue/setting OR I think of a speaker built into the side of a building used for alerts/announcements. For example, our high school superintendent would give announcements every morning & we'd hear them over the loudspeakers in the school. Am I all goofed up?
B&W (Bowers & Wilkins) 805 D3 Diamond Series Speakers with original stands (Pair)"

Hi. This is a good title. Do not need to state "(Pair)" or "Speakers" , though. Buyers know what they are. Best of luck. If they are B&W factory stands, I would state "factory" instead of "original".

ohlala’s response is on target

be sure to take good pictures of all sides, the drivers, the connectors, the grilles, post them and make sure they are clear - that is the key

and note if original boxes and packing are available... could be important to a buyer

good luck
Your questions are technically good but people that are interested in B&W 805D3s know what they are. If you were placing an advert in a general newspaper, you would need to say speaker system, or loudspeaker system (per pair). 
For pricing gear look at  they have current listings and sold listings.  It's not a selling cite but a webcrawler.
Sorry to hear of you loss,

advice from others, and

Rosewood is a highly desirable finish.

you said Rosenut. I suspect they are Rosewood. You can simply search 'Rosewood', you will see if they are that, if so, be sure and say Speakers and Stands: Factory Rosewood Finish. (if the stands are Rosewood, if not, say what they are, the photos will show too.

I'd suggest if you have a good local audio shop call them for advice and potentially buying some of the gear from you. 
Thank You!! to everyone who replied to my post. I did take what I think are nice, clear photos (hubby was also into photography). Also, I did mistype when I said "rosenut." I have "Rosewood" in my MS-Word doc. I have already contacted some stereo shops in town and they are not buying. But I live in a small metro area (150,000) know. Also, I do have the original boxes, accessories box w/documentation, etc, 
Thanks again. This has helped!
I’m sorry for your loss. The 805 D3’s will be an easy sell. Since you have the original boxes it should just be the case of boxing them up and taking them to your local UPS store for shipping. When shipping, PURCHASE INSURANCE, it protects you should something happen during shipment. If you don’t feel comfortable boxing everything up just take it all to the UPS store and they’ll box it up for a fee. As far as payment is concerned PayPal is the most widely used method of paying for online transactions, very easy to set up if you don’t already have an account. I’d list them here on Agon, or at usaudiomart. These are well known speakers so a brief description listing the particulars, and LOTS of clear pics showing the speakers from all angles and whatever accessories are included. A pic of original boxes and documentation would also be helpful. Good luck with sale.
So very sorry for your loss. A low hassle sale would be to The Music Room TMR on this site. They often pay for shipping 
Thank you tomic601 and cm337 for your replies. I'd like to avoid shipping if I can so I have also advertised in Minneapolis area (the closed BIG metro area about 4  hrs away). Hopefully someone there will see them and want them enough to make the trip here to get them.
I saw the ad she posted, and made the trip to go pick them up. They were exactly as she described and I'm very happy with them.

A very very nice lady; we had a very pleasant conversation. I hated to leave.

She has some other nice gear that she'll likely post for sale. If she does so here and you're reading this, rest assured.


I am so happy the speakers did not disappoint. I appreciate you driving to Fargo to pick them up. Thank you also for the good conversaation and the good endorsement. It is greatly appreciated!