Selling my dads top of the line system

My father just passed of a stroke suddenly. He was very big in the audio game. He as Revel Ultima Salon 2 speakers, 2 mark levinson model 536 pre apps, Mcintosh C50 pre amp, Cambridge Audio Azur 751BD blue ray player, at least 3 Audio quest water cabels, 2 or more viper power cables. This is what I know of that he currently has hooked up. What is my best option for selling it? Should I bundle it together, or piece it out? He loved his system so I don’t just want to sell it for nothing, but honor his memory and make sure the system finds a good home. If I did not have 3 kids  Home audio stores by me have been no help. Its all in premium shape, with the boxes, manuals, and remotes.
Yes they are Piano black mint condition, boxes and paper work still mint condition as well. Is there a way for you to private message me and send your questions you would like answered. We can also discuss pricing. I have done a pretty deep dive on multiple websites. So I do feel I have good grasp on fair value. As for receipts on all the items I am lo\oking for the folders that would have those. I do know my father paid cash for most things Audio same with his classic 73 Trans am.
That Trans Am has got to be something special... Please email me at and I'll be happy to forward some questions... Thanks, Jim
Selling separately will yield the best financial results as others have mentioned. But I think keeping it (if feasible) and thinking of your dad every time a song you love or a song you both loved plays will yield better emotional results.
First off, I'm sorry for your loss. I can assure you that whoever buys your Dad's equipment will appreciate something that good. I'm sure you have a lot of your plate right now, so if you are pressed for time The Music Room (TMR Audio) might be your best option. They give you the option to sell an item(s) to them for cash or they will sell it on consignment (which will net you more money.......but, still not as much as selling it on Audiogon yourself). And, they will research what the asking price should be, which can be a lot of work.

They advertise most of their items here on Audiogon, as well as their own site; so, chances are someone from the Audiogon community will end up buying it and appreciating it. Best of luck!
Be sure you won't regret selling your dad's memory.  It will still sound great in years time when the kids grow up and you have the time to appreciate your dad's hobby.   That's the absolute best way to do justice to his memory.