Selling Meridian System

I recently just purchased a home with a Meridian System in it. We would like to sell the items- I know they are expensive but no idea how to much list them for! Can you all help me with a listing price? 

Here is what I have:
(2) DSP7200 speakers
(1) DSP7200 system Digital Surround Controller
(2) DSP420 wall systems
(1) DSP3100
(2) SW1600

Knowing the age of the models will help.
Look them up on hifishark and click on the tab showing past sales. 
The problem in my opinion will be finding someone interested in the whole system.  Those components were huge money new and being DSP controlled and in the digital domain all the way to the speakers, they are a system that should be sold as a system.  Split it up and you make what's left even harder to sell.

It's an awesome system that was probably over $80k new...  have you considered keeping it?