Selling in audiogon vs amazon vs ebay?

This is just my experience to share.
I almost always have had a better experience in selling or buying audio gears (mid-high end) in Audiogon compared to Amazon or Ebay.
However, selling music had been different. I have quite a collections of LPs and I am thinning them down. Mostly classical LPs. I have sold quite a few of them in Amazon, but very few in Ebay and none in Audiogon. With equal price, do you think selling LPs in Audiogon is tougher than in Amazon or Ebay? Amazon and Ebay have much wider exposure, so it is understandable, but I wonder if it also has to do with kinds of audiences: Audiogon users are generally more for gears than music, and for music, more for audiophile grade recordings or sought after recordings than average recordings. 
Just a thought.
Your opinions are welcome.
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I am curious as to how much the different services (Audiogon, Amazon and eBay) charge for selling ?

I buy from all vendors that you mention, plus, Audio Asylum Trader.
eBay, by far catches the largest population- caveat- there are too many amateur sellers that mess it up for more professional seller IMO.
This is a cursor for eBay.

Amazon is very easy for the buyer to buy products in which he seeks.
I have never has any problem/issue buying from Audiogon, Amazon or Audio Asylum Trader.  I am active on eBay and Audiogon since 2000/2001.
Audio Asylum 2001/2002.  Hope this helps you - Happy Listening!

I don't even think of looking for music on audiogon. I usually buy mine from online record stores or from discogs. You could try listing your vinyl there. Not sure how they are for classical though.
A friend of mine sells music on Audiogon and made good money in the past. The commissions for selling music on Audiogon aren't bad but you just can't find the music listings easily. The default setting is for equipment only when you go to the buy listings. Also they don't feature music on the front page so many members don't know that music is for sale here. 

IMO commissions are better on Amazon for selling items. You list for free and only get charged a commission when the item sells. Amazon shows you the commissions charged before you list so you can decide. One issue is you can only load 6 pictures of your item. The other problem is distinguishing your items from the masses. That is difficult. Ebay the listing fee is waived but there are the fees on the back end plus paypal fees. You also get to a wider fan base.

I only sell on Audiogon if it is niche gear or boutique equipment as the commissions aren't as friendly as other sites for my situation. If you are not a dealer you have front end listing fees, then there are all the back end charges once your gear sells. Then there are the lowballers you have to deal with. I wouldn't mind paying the premium to reach a better customer base but as of late I just get lowballed as badly as I do on Ebay. If you are selling budget gear on Audiogon the juice isn't worth the squeeze to me.
There are lowballers everywhere. Try USAudiomart.
Thanks stanleylocke. I honestly forgot about that website for selling gear. I was just selling on other forums. I'll give it a shot.
They all allow free posting, but I think the commission for music sales on ebay and amazon are higher than audiogon. I think audiogon charges less on gears too.
I guess audiogon is not that well organized in music selling compared to amazon or ebay, and that may be the biggest reason.
In Amazon, there is no such thing as lowballers. ;-)
I sold a few hundred LPs in Amazon and a few dozens in ebay over the last 6~7 years. Mostly classicals, and some pops and jazzs.
Selling in amazon is a lot easier. If I sell something at $30, they will charge me about $6. For $70, they will charge about $12. So, it is almost 20% and I would say it is pretty high. I’d rather stick to amazon even though they charge more.
I have been selling Cds on Amazon for about 8 years and have not tried to sell much vinyl online yet. As of March 1st Amazon has increased their Media Fees, for professional sellers(those who pay 40$ a month) there is a 1.80 charge and a 15%charge on the entire (shipping included which is a default 3.99 for most sellers) transaction. This means if you sold a cd for a penny and the buyer paid the 3.99$ for shipping Amazon would receive 2.40$  of the 4$ the buyer paid. It usually costs about $3 to ship a single Cd if you include buying padded mailers in bulk and if you pay standard postage. That means a net loss of about 1.40 for that cd(assuming you had no cost for the actual disc!!). For a Janos Starker disc on the Sefel label that I had the only copy of last week that a buyer paid about $166 for Amazon took about 25$. Amazon may be better for expensive items. I am trying to sell sealed vinyl on my own web site ( but not a lot of people may want to deal with a relative unknown and the site is still young and only has about a thousand LPs right now. I had always hoped that given the time to carefully clean and audition(as I write this a Lyrita recording of the Bax Symphony #7 is playing) vinyl that Audiogon might be a cost competitive site. I still hope that is the case. LS
Here show some sample record sales from Amazon and Ebay:
Price: $25.00
Shipping: $3.99
Amazon fees: -$6.09
Your earnings: $22.90

Price: $35.00
Shipping: $3.99
Amazon fees: -$7.59
Your earnings: $31.40

Price: $89.00
Shipping: $3.99
Amazon fees: -$15.69
Your earnings: $77.30

Some ebay record sales:
Price: $100
Ebay Fees: $14.50

As shown, Amazon charges more than Ebay. But I have more success on selling in Amazon than Ebay for classical LPs in new or mint condition. Amazon buyers seem to be more serious buyers who are willing to pay fair market values. I have a hard time selling on Ebay unless its price is almost half of what I usually sell in Amazon. The $100 one on Ebay was an old Beatles album in mint condition. Those sought after albums are sold quicker in Ebay than in Amazon.
That's my experience.
I am having so much trouble with the selling engine on Audiogon that I had to give up.  I have been able to buy/sell almost a dozen equipment pieces on Audiogon in the past but now there is a disconnect between my registered addresses for my credit card and my main address, and Audiogon customer support is non-existent.  Anyone else having trouble with their Audiogon dashboard?
@cbissell, Please contact Tammy in [email protected], and I will be glad to help. 
I never even check with amazon regarding vinyl. I consider them flea market enterprise anyway and buy anything there very rarely. Some people just know nothing but amazon and walmart.
Audiogon support is excellent in my limited experience.
What about Discogs? I keep buying second copies of LPs I already have, just cannot help it no matter how hard I try to check my collection first! Dislexia in action!!!
have to free some shelf space for more goodies, from the responses here I guessed that Amazon is the place to start. Asked about Discogs because I do buy a lot from there
@inna you might want to give Amazon another chance. I have started crosslisting my sealed items from my web site to Amazon as well. If you are serious about vinyl you probably have a bunch of online sources. When clients ask me to find an item outside my holdings I check Ebay,Amazon,Discogs and for classical, Irvington music. If I strike out I then do a search of the entire web to see who I might find. It may not matter your opinion of any particular site if you might end up not agreeing with any seller on condition. That is why so far my online vinyl is mostly confined to sealed items. Assume I will eventually start listing opened items that I have the time to audition, probably on Discogs since I believe they have the smallest fees, but of course only a fraction of the traffic of Ebay and Amazon.