Selling High-End Speakers

I'm starting to evaluate how best to unload a few items of size and value online via auction or straight-out sale. The items are listed below:

Infinity IRS Beta's
Apogee Full Ranges
Electrovoice Patricians

They're all classics, and unfortunately heavy, expensive and coming to a reasonable price is going to be difficult to let them go.

I'd be interested in any feedback on how best to sell these at the most reasonable price, logistical info on how to move them/ship/or require pick-up only, and thoughts on making them available for listening in advance of a purchase.
You'll get more detailed responses than mine but I would start with a subscription to Audiogon Audio Bluebook to establish your price. Then, write your ad and wait for a buyer, or at least an offer. I wouldn't waste time on an auction. People lose interest waiting for the auction to end. Personally, I never even look at auctions. Why would I want to wait to find out if I'm the lucky "winner" of an auction? Is the used audio equipment business really a seller's market? Really? Anyway, I would offer a brief audition for interested parties, and also state that pickup is preferred due to the size of these pieces. If you offer to ship, be sure to charge something for your time. Lastly, let potential buyers know that sales are "as is" just due to the age of the items. Just my opinion. Best of luck!
Since you are dealing in mega buck items, avoid any use of payments via wire transfers or cashiers checks. Fraud on use of the latter is running wild. Best is the most solid terms of payment - cash. Yes, something that few use today. When getting a cash payment have it delivered, insured via Federal Express overnight. Always required the buyer to get brand new, unused Federal Reserve $100 bills. No other denomination should be accepted. Why new bills, well, most used ones are contaminated by drugs. Handling such could get you arrested. Once you have the new bills go to your bank and have them deposited to your account and ask that all the bills be checked for being counterfeit. Then, and only then should you ship the goods. This type of sale will stay 'closed'.
sell'em locally or local pickup only.
no matter how expensive they are you'll need to go down south to cope with shipping that can be even more expensive than speakers.
you may research the sold items you're selling and refer to these price ranges.
weather they're expensive or not you can always make them cheap if you want to sell them.
regardless of one's opinion, people still bid
"They're all classics, and unfortunately heavy, expensive and coming to a reasonable price is going to be difficult to let them go."

Exactly what are you saying in the above quote, that you have a price in mind that is the minimum that you will take for the speakers, or you have a sentimental attachment to your belongings?

If the former, you can auction them on ebay as pickup only with a reserve that is your minimum price. You can also advertise them here as pickup only at what you believe to be a fair price. Likewise US Audio Mart and Asylum Trader ads for pickup only.

Shipping will certainly broaden the market for these, the Patricians being very well liked in the lucrative Asian market, but it's probably best to let the buyer arrange for shipping if for no other reason than it indemnifies you against responsibility for shipping damage.
A wire transfer is guaranteed funds once it come into your bank account. It is irrevocable. Set up a separate account at your bank, have the wire come into that account, once confirmed by your bank, take the money out and close that account. Cashiers checks, call the bank the check is drawn on to see if it is a valid check. Get a confirmation from the bank, note who you spoke to and the check is now good funds. New bills do not guarantee anything unless you do the transaction at a bank and have them verify the bills are good. They can run the bills through their cash counting machine (100s, 20s, etc.) to check to see if the bills are good.

To ship large, heavy gear try Team Worldwide

Happy Payday!
Most Buyers looking for big speakers already know shipping needs to be done and may already have the know how. You can just help out the buyer.
Millions of dollars get charged and paid everyday around the world! Transfers, personal Checks, CC. all work fine, just make shure the money is in your bank account before shipping.
local pickup
cash only
they are worth about 30-40 % MAX of what you paid
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