Selling gear with TMR

I’m at the point of wanting to sell some gear and am seeking any experiences of selling with The Music Room. Did it make things easier? Did you get what you thought was a reasonable offer? Other benefits or detriments you might share?


I used TMR to sell several items and have also purchased Items from them.  All transactions went smoothly, and I had no issues.  I use TMR because I want a stress-free transaction and do not want to deal with shipping issues, buyers that are not happy or buyers that want to return an item they purchased.  I do not want the hassle of handling low ball offers or dealing with buyer price negotiations, etc. 

The Music Room sometimes offers cash for my item and sometimes accepts it for a consignment sale.  They pay the shipping cost from my location to them.   I include a full description of my item describing all including components.  

The Music Room is very professional, helpful, and friendly.  TMR is Highly recommended.  

I traded in an amp to them to purchase a more expensive one.  The amp I traded in was bought for $2900.00 and trade in price was $2500.00 and I used it for 4 years. I am very satisfied.  A top shelf dealer.  

I recently sold two items to them and declined to sell three more items. The three I declined were way too low. One of them was DAC I bought from them a year ago, they offered less than 40% of what I paid them for it. Of the two I sold, one was an ok offer, it was a transport which has flooded the market so lots for sale and few selling. The other piece was a 30 year old tube amp that worked great. They offered $500 which I thought was probably about half what I could get for it and I did not have original packaging so I thought, oh well save me the trouble. They listed it for $1500 and it sold in a few days from their website, never made it to Audiogon. I’m pretty disillusioned with them right now …

If you have to send the product to them why not sell it yourself and send it to someone else? I don’t know how it makes it easier. They seem like a great company though.

If you have to send the product to them why not sell it yourself and send it to someone else? I don’t know how it makes it easier. 

@bubba12 Because they carefully describe, test, and guarantee what they sell, they take the risk out of the sale for buyer and increase the likelihood of a sale. They also can ensure it's packaged professionally. Take a look at their site, and you'll probably see why it's so popular for buyers.