Selling Dynaudio c2 what next???

Hi I'm new to this forum and was hoping someone could help me or guide me on the right track.
I need to sell my Dynaudio c2 fronts and confidence centre speakers because I've moved to a smaller place and am not happy with the way they sound anymore.
Everything sounds to overpowering.
The rest of my set up is.
Bryston 4bsst2 running fronts, Arcam avr600 doing centre and rears.
Ps audio dac mk2 and transporter, Bryston bp 26 and Cambridge audio 751 for movies.
I had a listen to a few wilson benesch speakers and the ones that I enjoyed the most were the Act.
I can't get a home demo and don't want to spend that kind of money without a home demo.
Could anyone give me feed back on this brand of speaker or something close or better sounding without being to fatiguing. That is my only concern about the Acts.
My budget is 15-20k that's including a centre speaker.
Thank you.
If you were happy with Dynaudio before you moved - why not the C1 signatures. Very fine sounding speaker for all types of music.
As a former C1 owner I have to agree with Yashu.
As another former C1 owner (both the original and Signatures) I would say go for the C1's. If you play loud most of the time get the originals but if you don't the MKII/Sig sounds so much better at low to mid volumes. They don't go quite as loud as the originals.

That said the only speakers I prefer over Dynaudio is Raidho. They are much more money. Not even close price wise. The Dyn's are a bargain IMO.
Agree all above comment ,if your room smaller then C1 will full your room with music not booming with bass.
Also if budget allow ,get raidho C1.1 it was mind blowing monitor.
I would get C1s and a better amp like Pass Labs.
Thank you all for your feedback.
Will have a listen on the weekend to a pair of c1s.
Would love to try some pass labs amplification, just trying to find somewhere that has both brands.
Thanks for your feedback honeyooi, the raidho c1.1 look interesting and yes my budget would be 10-15k so not sure what the sound characteristics is like with those speakers with the gear I have?
Just as long as it's not to fatiguing.
Raidho's are anything but fatiguing. Again as a former Dyn C1 and C1 sig owner I would say the dyn's are more fatiguing (Raidho is better in the mids and highs). That said the bass in the Raidho's don't come close the Dyn C1. The bass drops like a rock with Raidho D1's at 50hz (C1's rated at 45hz but really are closer to the mid 30's). But what they do is so much better than the Dyns. The separation between instruments and vocals is amazing due to a much blacker background. Better depth too. I hear detail like I never knew from the Dyn's. They also are not analytical. But like with electrostatics the Raidho's are very directional meaning a small sweet spot. As one reviewer stated "outside the sweet spot the speakers are good but in the sweet spot Good God".

But like I said before Dyn C1's are a bargain (8,500 for the C1 signatures vs 25,500 for the D1's)(stands optional).
Thanks Xti16
Will try and have a listen to theses speakers.
Price is quite a big difference compared to the Dyns, wonder if performance is worth the $ difference?
Will have a listen anyway.
Thanks again.
IF you find good Dynaudio sound overpowering, consider a pair of omni OHM Walshes perhaps. I have both and like each for their own unique traits. OHM Walsh omni presentation is more aout filling the room with sound rather than directing it at you.

You'll probably save a lot of money to invest in music or whatever as well, especially if the room is not large.
YG Carmel. Floorstanding two-way at $18k is imo a level up from Dynaudio, which I also really like. Good low end extension and I think it drops off smoother than the C1, even though its also ported. Very musical AND detailed. Gives everything but on a smaller scale.
Do yo think that my Bryston 4bsst2 would be ok to drive these speakers?
Or would I need to upgrade the power amp as well?
If you can run the dyn with those amp ,I think you can run any other speaker fine.
Consider dyn speaker is power hungry :) also bryston is good amp.
Me run my C1 with Pass INT-150 ,it was ok but if space allow I prefer separate amp with more than INT can give now.
The Bryston is certainly technically capable. I do not know it will sound, especially in comparision to more expensive, good-wattage tube amps, which are regularly employed it seems.
Thanks for all your advice, will be trying a few different setups over the weekend.
As far as the amp the 4bsst is great but dry sounding. I had the B100sst when I had the C1's and as good as it was the Octave V70se and later the V110 had more 'control' of the sound and not as dry sounding. Naim Supernait2 is also excellent. A friend is using the SN2 w/HiCap driving Dyn C4 Signatures and that works just fine. Very musical.
Good Luck
Had a listen to some Dynaudio c1 s
Very happy with the sound, so looks like I'm going to stick with the smaller Dyns.
I have 1 other problem I forgot to mention, I like the Bryston Dyn combo for music but the arcam doing centre and rear duties for movies doesn't sound great to me.
So my question is is there a power amp that's great at doing both duties.
The reason I ask is because I don't have the space for 2 power amps.
So I would have to sell the Bryston but what do you think would be a good replacement for music and movies?
try listen harbeth shl5,i have c1 and harbeth for several years already and most of the time listen harbeths.Just somehow more musical,bigger scale of music from the same listening distance.