Selling Dunlavy's

I have a home theater room that is no longer a priority and am thinking about selling my Dunlavy speakers. I have some SM-1's for fronts and then using some SC-1's for rear and center channel.

Are these SM-1's and SC-1's worth much anymore? The front's are black oak and rears are cherry.

Not sure I want to sell them, but they are just sitting there and probably haven't been used in 2 years.
Both Duntech and Dunlavy Audio Labs (DAL) are wonderful speakers and have many fans. Unfortunately for you, most of the fans likely already own them. Since Duntechs have not been imported to the US for many years and DAL has been out of business almost as long, there may not be much awareness/interest in them now.

The other problem is most of their models are very large and heavy. I believe your speakers were likely their smallest models so if you do decide to sell, be certain to include pictures and include something for scale. Also, list their dimensions.

Just because they are no longer available does not negate their fine engineering. With patience you may find a buyer.
Put them up for sale here on Audiogon and you will get responses as people on this website know what dunlavy speakers are and how well they do their job.I sold my sc 3's on this site in a week or so and had plenty of replies.
I think they will sell without any problem;if you can include pictures as the visual always makes them more interesting.
Do you still have your SCI?