Selling Advice

Hi!   I'm new to Audiogon, and I would appreciate any advice you guys can give me to help me sell my sound system.
I looked for a thread on this topic but couldn't find it, so I apologize if this has been asked and answered.
I have a system consisting of: Parasound amp (5250 v1) and preamp (7100 7.1), three in-room Triad Gold front mini-monitor speakers, two Triad Bronze rear speakers, a Triad Silver 12" powered sub-woofer, Denon player, remotes, cables, etc.
The set is about 11 years old and in excellent physical and working condition.
Now the questions:
- Am I better off selling this set as one system, or as individual components?
- If the former, can that be done on Audiogon? (I got the impression that this site is designed for individual components, but am not sure)
- Should I offer to ship, or local pick-up only?
Thanks much!!
Selling systems is pretty difficult it's much easier to sell each component separately.
People usually sell high end stuff in this site unless they are selling digital amps.
The components are typically sold individually but are sometimes bundled (rare). They expect you to pack in original boxes otherwise you better be clear on packaging and be very good at it.
Be careful with shipping costs it’s typically more expensive than you think, and once you agree on a negotiated price it’s not fair to go back and ask for more.
The gear should be in excellent and working condition. Rate it honestly, some of these guy take more pride in their amp than their teeth.
Expect that most are fair and honest and do look at feedback and leave it. It’s a hobby for most and I try to build some rapport and get to know the buyer or sellers story or likes. Some are stone cold and don’t make the hobby fun so don’t deal with them or raise the price by 30%
Have fun and remember shipping and insurance is where you loose the most on these items. Don’t care too much or you will stress and the hobby becomes lame.
Local pickup works but limits your reach. Don’t get frustrated with low ballers they will try just say no thanks but I’ll let you know if I change my mind. Believe people are good.
I recommend giving this stuff to the Salvation Army asap!!
If you don’t want to hassle with individual sale and shipping, I recommend Craigslist. Advertise as a package deal and stick with Cash and Carry terms. 
Hi you might be better selling your stuff on EBay. I would just sell as a bundle for what ever you can get. Like auction it off. And put local pick up only. 
Thanks much to everyone for your helpful tips.
That gives me a good range of options to choose from.  
In light of ebm's and tattooedtrackman's comments, I have a follow-up question for bjesien:  
For this particular set of components, would you try to sell and ship each component individually, or are they not worth bothering with?
(I don't take it personally; I'd rather know the facts)
No matter what you do you are gonna be seriously disappointed how little this is all worth. Might try and list a few eBay No Reserve. No Reserve auctions always get you a lot more for stuff like this than any other way. Its all I use for crap like this and I'm always laughing at how much some people are willing to pay for the glory of "winning" an auction. 

But seriously, unless its worth $150 to you to deal with the CraingsList crowd I would go eBay for the amp and player, maybe CL the speakers, and whatever you can't give away to the CL guys to sweeten the deal goes to Salvation Army. 

That's my bet by the way. $150 net for everything.
eBay , auction everything no reserve , local pick up , that’s your best bet. No worries about packing everything , shipping costs. Get what ever you can get.
I don’t know the prices but IMO if it’s under $600 for everything you might try craigslist for the system.  People are always looking for a package deal for a basement or rental, etc.  that would allow local pickup and no insurance costs too.  Hope this help.  If your not sure of pricing after searching the web Agon has a blue book feature for $10 per month that is great.


If anything you will most assuredly get diverse opinions on this site. I would respectfully offer a different (maybe more factual) perspective on potential value of some of these products. It is my humble opinion that eBay may be your best bet. I speak from much experience selling there (and Audiogon) over many years.


Here are some facts: a Parasound 5250 amplifier recently sold (eBay) for $643.00, a Parasound 7100 pre-amplifier recently sold (eBay) for $400.00 and a pair of Triad Gold speakers recently sold (eBay) for $389.00. The point is there’s a lot more potential value to these products than you might think.

tubegb, your data are interesting: those three add up to $1,432, and I'm offering four additional Triad speakers. Take that, Salvation Army!  :)
But.. better not get greedy.
I think it's clear that my stuff is not up to Audiogon's standards, so I'll probably try to sell the whole thing on CL and/or eBay.  If that doesn't work, will probably try 1. amp, 2. preamp, and 3. speakers separately on those same two sites.
Your comments were really helpful.  I greatly appreciate you guys taking the time to help me out.  A great weekend to everyone!
Try us audio mart.  
Thanks elevick, I just looked at that site. Their stuff seems to be a few notches below Audiogon, so I'll probably try that one as well.  Their auctions are in beta, and a bit pricey, so I'll see if I can try a straight sale.