Selling a favorite component to help out family

I know people ask themselves what the reason is when someone runs an ad to sell their stereo equipment WHY are they selling it if it is so great? I have several speakers I'm selling. All three pair are on Audiogon. The hardest for me to part with is my beloved HORNING Alkibiades which I have owned for almost 2 years. The only reason I do this is to help raise money for my brothers wife who had a brain aneurysm a year and a half ago. He needs help with medical bills so it is out of necessity I do this. I absolutely love these speakers. (I've been a horn guy for a long time. Having owned Avantgarde Trio's, Beauhorn Virtuoso's and Lowther Medallion's) The Alkies have been the best speaker so far. I thought these would finally be the speakers to keep forever. I can't tell you what a wonderful experience it is to deal with someone like Jeff Catalano from High Water Sound in New York. Jeff helped me acquire these wonderful speakers and to part with them is really tough to do. I just wonder if anyone else has had to do this and what was it like for you.
You can always replace possessions, family comes first.
Amen kennyt,My fiance just went back to thailand because of bipoler manic depressive issues that nobody felt was necessary to tell me,she wouldnt take medicine.getting through to the family is next to imppossible,never had a chance to say goodbye. I have been through some tough stuff(brothers passing from cancer)but man.Just got new sim cd player.Just kinda dont have it for the hobby right now i guess,You truly dont know what you have till its gone.
I admire you in your unselfish way of sacrificing in order to help your brother's wife. I'm sure that you will be blessed with another pair of your favorite speakers in due time. When my wife and I were going through some tough financial times a few years ago, I sold my entire system. She didn't want me to because she knew how much it meant to me, but I told her that our family came first. Three years later I have finally replaced it with a much better system and paid less money overall. I do hope that your sister-in-law gets well soon.
You will be rewarded with a superior system eventually.

Bless you.

I'm very touched by your message and really feel for you and yours. It makes you sit back and realize just what's most important in life. I just had surgery myself 3 weeks ago and I thank God above everyday for getting me through it. It's no picnic. Hasn't medical insurance covered most of the cost for your sister-in-law? How's she doing? My heart goes out. I will say that my sound system has helped me a great deal through my recent recovery so it's not just a hobby. Music heals !! God heals. You will be blessed in the long run for what you're doing. Someone will definetly purchase your equipment. All the best.
Family does indeed come first. Plus this is a clever way to get more people to check out your ads.
sell it all, doing so puts others first. when you come back, things will be better and cheaper, not to mention the fun in doing a rebuild.
hi jesse91:

the world would be a better place if there were more people like you in it.
Ive sold off most all my expensive gear to pay my childs school bills for autism treatments. Still selling.....Heck I even build loudspeakers to sell to try too pay a wee bit of it. All the money KCS loudspeakers makes goes to my boys autism care.