Selling a DirecTV Receiver

I want to sell a DirecTV receiver but DirecTV told me that I can't sell it with the access card and that the buyer would have to buy a new access card. Has anyone sold a receiver before and worked around this issue. This sounds ridiculous to me and would make the idea of buying a used receiver a bad one especially with new ones selling for next to nothing.
you probablt have an old system with an H card, that is Hackable. And they want to swap that card back, to give them a new HU card (not hackable yet)
You own the receiver and the card.....they cannot dictate what you do with it. It is your property. And yes, chances are you have a very valuable "H" card which can be reprogrammed to receive programming for free --- this is why they are trying to discourage you. BTW -- you should be able to get $250-$300 for just the card itself if you do have an "H" card (blue card with serial numbers on back starting with "H" instead of "HU" or "F".
Any information on "hacking" an H-card. I have always been interested in the possibilities, pitfalls, etc.
As I have been told,hacking/reprograming, is done from a clone. Once they (the sat co) get one, they send out a signal that destroys "the whole family".Hardly worth the few months they are usually good for.
Sell the whole thing on e-bay (including H card) for $250 350, or ba a sucker.
The hacking of H cards, is easy, even if they put an ECM out to zap your BIN #, within a hour a new Bin 1 is posted to the internet and you just go download it, and open the e3 hole and unloop the card and your back up in 20min.
I believe that DirecTV did a massive zap that totally castrated H cards. When is the last time that you guys checked this out? This happened recently, i.e. within the last month or so.
A close friend bought one from another friend and called DirecTV to get it entitled. DirecTV wanted $80 as a "transfer fee" for the access card. Remarkably, they backed off when my friend mentioned that the local digital cable company was offering to buy out his satellite TV setup as an incentive to switch, so maybe DirecTV shouldn't be boneheaded. I don't know their motivation - quite possibly to encourage turning back in the H cards - but it's not particularly accomodating.