Sellers: When do you drop your price?

Selling my first piece of gear.  I've had a lot of views but no offers. It's been about 5 days. Great condition, 2 years old, offering about about 1/3rd off. No original box.

Perhaps all gear is particular, so if that's so, we can end this thread right here. But in case there's a general bit of advice, How long do you let an ad marinate before adjusting the price?
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It appears as if there is a mark on the front face below and left of the aux  button. ANY mark on the face will make the grade a 7 if you go strictly by the rating scale. For many, over rating an item will be a red flag. It is a nice looking piece and 7 seems harsh, but that is what the rating scale states. It is always better to under promise and over deliver. As already mentioned, not having factory packaging causes it to take a hit. I also see no mention of an owner's manual. All of these things make a difference in price. When looking on HiFi Shark, I see these going from $1000 to $1300. The SE version is going for a bit more, but still not up to your asking price. You can let it sit there at that price, but I have my doubts that it will sell until you are within the range listed above. Good luck.
@cmsgolf Thanks. There is no mark. That is likely a camera related issue. I will correct it. Thanks for taking a close look. The manual is a PDF. I can mention that. I understand what you've seen on hifi shark and it's a good point. I left myself room to be flexible, and didn't want to start it too low, but I think you've convinced me, as have others.

@willgolf I hear you, and think you're probably right, too. More good reasoning to drop the price.
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A lot of views and no offers clearly indicate pricing too high and/or not enough demand to generate offers near the asking price. Also, there does not appear to be much of market for that particular brand.   

If it were me, I’d start with what I paid for used equipment as my initial asking price (plus 10% at most); and then be willing to back off some percentage (10%-20%) off of that to move it. Presumably I’ve gotten some enjoyment out of the gear and won’t really leave much money on the table when I sell. 

With 300+ views in 5 days, why wait to start dropping price in order to spark some interest? Just my 2 cents.  

I would take your time and see first how things go at least a month anyway
just takes one person who wants it, combined with do you really need to sell it...I put up an integrated a few years ago, on multiple occasions, with no responses at all...put it up a month later at same price and received 3 full price offers within a few hours...on Audiogon