Sellers: When do you drop your price?

Selling my first piece of gear.  I've had a lot of views but no offers. It's been about 5 days. Great condition, 2 years old, offering about about 1/3rd off. No original box.

Perhaps all gear is particular, so if that's so, we can end this thread right here. But in case there's a general bit of advice, How long do you let an ad marinate before adjusting the price?
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Seems like a very well built item.

That's a pretty good ad IMO. Normally I would say too wordy, but for this rare item I appreciate all the info.

1. Brighten the photos and reload them.

For me to consider something that rare:

2. ask manufacturer who in USA has ability to service it. add that answer

3. I don't see anything about accepting returns.
I think your condition rating is too high (9 for a two owner piece) and your asking price is too high (by about $200) for a two owner piece with no box.

Just my opinion. Good luck with your sale.
There are people out there who want something unique.

Why limit you customer base. I would get it on eBay and Canadian sites.

MANY people don't know about or check 'audiophile' sites.

+1, @jperry. 
Lot of people are reluctant to buy electronics without original box. Buy a box from FedEx with packaging material that allows good protection and post pictures on your ad to increase your prospects. 
1. You bought it used so it sure didn’t cost you the list price
2. No original boxes
3. Not a household name in this country
4.That model came out in 2014
I hate to burst your bubble but you will be lucky if you get half of the list price!
But good luck with the sale!