Sellers: When do you drop your price?

Selling my first piece of gear.  I've had a lot of views but no offers. It's been about 5 days. Great condition, 2 years old, offering about about 1/3rd off. No original box.

Perhaps all gear is particular, so if that's so, we can end this thread right here. But in case there's a general bit of advice, How long do you let an ad marinate before adjusting the price?
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Whether it’s a house a car etc.,  the acceptable price it’s always determined by the market no matter what you think it’s worth. 
@afisher I'm shocked, shocked! How long has buying and selling worked this way? ;-)
Seems like a very well built item.

That's a pretty good ad IMO. Normally I would say too wordy, but for this rare item I appreciate all the info.

1. Brighten the photos and reload them.

For me to consider something that rare:

2. ask manufacturer who in USA has ability to service it. add that answer

3. I don't see anything about accepting returns.