Sellers: When do you drop your price?

Selling my first piece of gear.  I've had a lot of views but no offers. It's been about 5 days. Great condition, 2 years old, offering about about 1/3rd off. No original box.

Perhaps all gear is particular, so if that's so, we can end this thread right here. But in case there's a general bit of advice, How long do you let an ad marinate before adjusting the price?
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5 days is nothing. wait, relist.

eBay: any ’watchers’? how many ’views’?

If you give us a link to your listing, perhaps specific advice, i.e. wording, will emerge from members with selling experience.

Equipment: I always consider the lowest price I would accept, then add 10%, list it as buy it now. So I can agree to a request for a discount from a potential buyer.

Buy It Now. I used to bid/spike years ago, now, I, and many others start by filtering their views as 'buy it now' only. You will miss those buyers if yours does not have a buy it now option. 

LP’s: I start with minimum including shipping below $10. and let the market determine value. Same thing when I sell R2R tapes, start below $15. incl. shipping, desirable ones naturally get higher prices.

If, like me, the object is to make space, the money is nice, i.e. I just bought a nice CD player with my last 90 days of LP sales.

As for your item, if you don’t need the money soon, relisting is easy, I have 26 lps currently that have been re-listed many times, nobody wants them. I need to add some new ones. Point is, bingo, one undesirable will suddenly get purchased, just a matter of time.

Also, check what others are selling theirs for, ’watch’ others listed on eBay. will show you more listings than eBay, both for sale, and prior sales, all good info.

good luck,

btw, In my general notes I specifically offer ’unconditional returns’, gives buyers confidence they will receive a trouble free item.

and, state that you will double box the item.

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one thing to keep in mind is that audiogon, as opposed to ebay or craigslist, is a narrower, more selective pool of buyers--i.e. your potential audience is much smaller, which logically means it might take a little longer to sell (also you're also a new seller, which makes potential buyers more wary). that said, if you're getting a fair number of watchers but no offers after three weeks or so, i'd rethink the list price. personally, i've never been one of those guys that is willing to wait a year to get what he thinks is the right price--if i'm that attached to a piece i wouldn't list it in the first place.
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