Sellers that don't respond

What bothers you more than sellers that don't respond to
your e-mails in a timely fashion? Nothing! A first-time
seller has had 5 items listed for 14 days, and hasn't
responded to any of my e-mails. Why bother listing items
if you're going to ignore any interested parties? Oh well,
I guess that's a pretty good indication of what kind of service you'll get if you actually buy something from this
guy! For the most part, 'Gon sellers respond right away,
and I have yet to have a bad transaction. That's why we have feedback, right?
Hi Dave; I understand and agree with your frustration as I've had that happen to me too. After 3-4 days though, I just give up and write it off. Could this person have sold his stuff that quickly and then forgot about the ads? If so very rude. But with 5 items that's unlikely. You never know about people's lives in cyberspace, maybe he died or went on vacation. Yeah, I know I'm rambling, but short of hearing from him there is no explanation. Good Luck. Craig
I totally agree with Craig. Blow it off! If the guy is not responsive when he is selling something, how do you think he is going to be when it comes to delivery?

Do not waste your time.
After sending nmerous eails,I have had late resposes saying that the seller was "overwhelmed" with requests, ad could not respond to all the emails. That's nonsense. Even if you have 25 responses to an ad, how long does it take to type, "soory sold, thanks for your inquiry", copy it and hit reply on your email program, 10 minutes? Even if you send 3 at a time over a day or two, it only takes less than a minute each time. Well, let's hope that what goes around, comes around.
Same thing can be said on buyers that don't respond after inquiring. I've had a lot of emails that ask if you would sell at a certain price then you agree and you don't hear from them again.Just my two cents.
I had a seller who agreed to sell me his amp stand. Then he didn't respond to my emails for over two weeks. When he did he asked me if I was still interested. He indicated to me that he had to go on an emergency vacation and couldn't email me before he left. That's right, he said, an emergency vacation. That's chutzpah for ya! Anyway, I was lucky to find the same amp stand "brand new" for $25 more than he was asking.
Many people have not learned their table manners, and anonymity only increases this practice. Or, they were socialized in a culture where a different set of negotiating norms was accepted. For example, there are some people who believe that a deal can always be re-negotiated even though the cash and product are in transit. In your circumstance, give them a negative, "Never respond" on their feedback. That is the only deterrence available here. Actually, I like a guy who begins with bad communication because it tips me off at the beginning as to how he will most probably behave as the deal progresses past acceptances. Over the years I've learned that its a gift when you can peg these guys early. So, look on the bright side: just one more bad deal you avoided.
Glad to see I'm not the only one who feels this way!
Thanks for your responses.
I've had this happen plenty of times. I think sometimes they find a better offer, sometimes they're just being rude. I actually think one time a dealer got a better offer. Talk about poor service - We had worked out a price after several days and several phone calls. They actually faxed me a credit card receipt to sign. When I faxed it back signed, just a few hours later, they told me, "Sorry, our mistake. That unit was sold over a week ago." Either they put it up on auction (where I first saw it) on Audiogon AFTER it was sold, or they got a better offer and pulled the plug on our deal. I know it sounds cynical, but I think they got a better offer, and I think that happens with private sellers all the time. People don't respond cause the unit is sold, or they stop contacting you after you've agreed cause they got more from someone else. It's just the breaks of buying used. Fortunately the effort involved in doing this really pays off in the end.
Nice Point. Taken another way, how bout buyers that close a deal over the phone, or via e-mail, and you never hear from them again. For me, I've had offers over asking price when I told the unit was sold and declined. Probably a lot of guys like this here on this great site. To some of us reputation is everything. By the way, this has happened twice, not huge, but enough. A deal is a deal, period!
I have had similar experiences. As had been previously mentioned, we are interacting with people that we do not know and they may or may not have the same ideas of acceptable behavior. I am suprised that we do not have more posts regarding bad deal/poor communication issues. I have yet to have a terrible transaction. I have received the goods as they have been described and I have sent the goods as they have been described. I like to think that we are an honest lot. I can accept some poor communication as long as the final transaction is smooth.
There is one aspect I want to add to the above experiences regarding timeliness. Some of us travel a good deal in our jobs and are unable to check email daily or even several days in a row.
Because of this possibility, I note this in my ads to hopefully prevent misunderstandings. Like Charlie4350 says, reputation is everything.
I have found that most people are courteous enough to email me a "Sorry, sold", but there are a number who don't reply at all. I agree with ''Asa" whose comments about table manners and culture are right on the money. Unfortunately, not everyone out there has the common courtesies and respect that others of us have. This should be no surprise; just look at the world around you everyday.

I have a habit of questioning the cosmetic condition of the piece, asking for a detailed examination and description of any scratches, nicks, etc. I find that sellers who are not particular with their equipment find that a turnoff, and sometimes don't even answer. Fine with me; I wouldn't want their equipment anyway. Many 'gon people are particular and treat their equipment with respect; it's refreshing to find that.
What about the boneheads who reply, but don't indicate what they're replying TO?

"Yes, it's still available". Or "my asking price is firm". These guys don't realize that you may have responded to 20 posts a day for the past 2 weeks, and you don't have a CLUE who he is by the time he gets around to replying.
Yep, that bothers me. Almost as much as potential buyers who e-mail an offer that you accept, and you never hear from them again. And almost as much as buyers who commit to a purchase and tell you the check is on the way, and then back out of the sale a week later...about the time the check that was never mailed, was supposed to arrive. I have found most of the people who do this are Audiogon "non-members", and consequently don't have feedback. When I get an offer from a "non-member" for something I'm selling, I am now very cautious.