Sellers Beware!!!


I am wondering if anyone else here noticing the latest trend on Audiogon. I have been approached by buyers in Vietnam to buy my listings. I have gotten at least dozen offers in last month or so, they are pretending to be US based buyers, with US address and do not disclose their actual location until you have accepted the offer.  I have already declined two confirmed offers as soon as I figured out their true identity. The US address being provided on Audiogon is either a local business shop run by Vietnamese native or a 'friend' address. I googled the address and called the local address listed on Audiogon. It turns out to be small business shop and the owner had no idea about the sale or the product he is about to receive in next 2-3 days. 

The icing on the cake, the buyer gets bent of shape when you point out these last minute surprises and then try shift the blame on us that we are not very 'trusting'. Go figure! 

I am outlining some of the things that were common in my dealings, 

1. Broken English (sorry no offense)
2. 12-14 hour delay between communications
3. Start off with low ball offer and then agrees to pay within 10-15% off of your asking price
4. Unusual delay in receiving payments, they tend to apologize profusely and blame PayPal for delay
5. They will ask you to 'absorb' PayPal fee due higher percentage charged by PayPal on intl. transfers
6. Negative, neutral or no feedback
7. The address in their Audiogon profile will be either in west cost (CA) or east coast (NY). 

This thread is not intended to target a certain race or nationality, the sole purpose of this thread is to create awareness against the 'sneaky' buyers. I welcome all buyers, domestic or international and wish them a hassle free buying and selling experience on Audiogon. 

extravaganza205 posts04-06-2016 11:06amwell,not only audiogon,but on other hifi selling sites they are active.Sold speakers to them,after few days recieved offer on headphones:) As somebody mentioned they offer 10-15% less.They provide different name for shipmment address.I think they do that kind of thing to avoid custom taxes.They ask mark parcels as a 'gift' ,writte low value.I actually ask to do the same things sellers from USA,but not all agree,then custom ask provide proves,sites,paypal transactions, where it was bought and calculate 21% of price was paid,that is a lot

You got nobody to blame but for yourselfs.  Throw the clowns out of office and abolish the VAT, ...    There are no free lunches and someone always has to pay.
You have described to a "t" my exact experiences!
I wrote on this subject on the Forums and got a load of "righteous Indignation" from some politically correct types...This just proves my points laid out exact;y!
Thanks for posting your opinions as well!


I only buy and sell locally,  with a cash transaction.....PayPal held my funds for almost a month even after the buyer signed for the package, left positive feedback, and I forwarded proof of delivery.  I wouldn't mind but it was $2300.....I missed out on a great amp because they held my money so long......I refuse to use PayPal ever again.  Plus it is skewed to protect only the buyer, who can be deceptive and cheat you out of you item AND your money.
The first thing I do after a paypal is withdraw it from my ppal acct and transfer it to my checking. Once it goes to "processed", i ship.

I could care less after that.