Seller suspended from Audiogon...

I am following a couple of preamps for sale by members. One was a Primaluna that was a bit over my price. However, the owner was kind enough to answer some questions. The seller had good feedback for previous transactions. I was browsing today and saw the amp was not there and looked up the member. Now it says "suspended" by his screen name. Just curious, what are the general reasons people get suspended on Audiogon. Looks like he had a good selling track record in the past. Just curious
A few causes for this:

Fraudulent activity
Suspicious activity
Posting the same ad after it's been sold
Posting 2 or more ads for the same item 

You have to be cautious when buying from people. I have been burned 3 times by sellers with really no discernable integrity. Lots of scams in the audio world. The biggest edge many have is that " we all tend to believe what we want to believe" and many sellers capitalize on that kind of susceptibility. I am not stating anything about this seller, but he might have been suspended for justifiable reasons which are there to protect buyers.

Thanks for responses. I just emailed administrators. Ihope they can give me some insite. I was about to make an offer. 
Indeed. His Facebook posts shows an eerie final post. Very sad..his ad mentioned a relationship break-up and he did not want to haul heavy equipment around. People just need to step back and take a deep breath in general. :(
Oh WOW I was talking to him about the pre-amp and shared a few emails. He stopped responding. Sad :(
Probably the same preamp i was chatting about. I inquired if he would take an offer and never heard back. Just sad. 
Seems odd that Audiogon would know of  this crime and then suspend the mans account pronto. 
I believe he sold one of the other components he had listed a short time before. Probably didn't get delivered or no response and got reported. Apparently, from the response I got, AG were told of his passing. 
Actually death is not final and funerals are for the living. We are here to choose between good or evil, make your choice.