Seller fraud: any lawyer/audiophiles in NY state?

If there are any lawyer/audiophiles on this forum who could provide me some advice for a fee in regards to a fraud case involving a small 'ring' of users here on Audiogon and dealing with it in the state of NY, I'd be grateful if one of you could reach out to me via Audiogon in-mail. I've been in contact with the Nassau county DA's office and followed their advice regarding demand letter, etc...the delivery period for that has now expired and the carrier has reported it as unclaimed so I need some good advice as to how to proceed from this point forward. The amount is definitely "over the line" so legal action per NY state law is now indicated.

Thank you....
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Zephyr- Not sure about this but in some states, lawyers are prohibited from reaching out in a way that could be construed as soliciting for business. That might be why you have not gotten a response.
Hi Zephyr

Does this post relate to the BBW thread from January?

Best of luck with all of this. I hope the powers that be at Audiogon have been helpful to you in this.
It would be very simple if these artists are in NY, but I betcha the location is different(I always assume people are smart). Who knows? Maybe Jamaica, maybe Benin or maybe Nigeria...? If you're the victim of internet scam for large amount of money, well, I guess it's just upto you not to be the one. The Internet has different laws and there's no lawyer or DA can help you. The law is simple: If you can steel, it's yours and if you're the victim internet scam, it's YOUR fault. Dialing 911 or asking lawyer for help is pointless.
Thank you all(!) this point I'm strictly looking for advice for a fee and since I posed the question, I believe legally, someone responding would not be soliciting technically, but I could be wrong.

Swampwalker: see above,...

EBM: always love your one-liners!

Jedinite: Yes, that's related but I did not name the party; others were talking about non-related users

Czarivey: One is at least located here; all 3 used IP addresses from US domains according to Audiogon (I have them). I have several other key things including past judgement history but do not want to expound in this forum with too much detail. I have 'stuff' to say the least....

Cantgetnosat: Thank your in-mail; did response. Thanks!
My understanding is that you have to make the first contact under those rules. I'm not a lawyer but I play one on TV.
I believe this bad actor and friends are back under a new user ID out of Uniondale (L.I.) NY.  I reported them for the potentially fraudelent ad they placed for a P02 and D02 unit combo using the SAME PHOTOS that they ripped off Yahoo (Aleado) Japan more than a year ago.  Audiogon has suspended the listed but will not suspend the userID or dispatch attorneys. Same pattern of 2-3 failrly new users (< 6 months), 2-3 transactions or a bit more among only themselves, all happy and then "bam" they get someone. They seem to have defrauded someone out of an Esoteric K03 unit on a trade; luckily that user was able to stop the other (cash) side of the trade via Paypal....  Scumbags...