Seller ants my credit card info

Seems strange a guy was selling a pair of Raidho D2 fairly good deal. Now he wants my credit card info and he’s not a dealer. I should be concerned?
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Might as well give out your social security and birthdate while you are at it!

Seriously, why would you ever consider doing business with someone asking something like this--even if it were a GREAT deal?
Paypal is NOWHERE near as good (for me anyway) compared to my Credit Card Company (Amazon Card). If I have a problem my CC Company automatically Credits my account....Paypal does not but "Investigates" and sometimes DOESNT protect you in the final outcome. My CC has never ruled against me in any instance AND in a few cases where the Seller Didnt respond to the Credit Card Companies Inquiry I not only got my money back in full (Immediately) but was also allowed to keep what I purchased. These include a pair of Harbeth SHL5+ Speakers, Wilsenton R8 Integrated Amp and some $1500 Sansui Amp. I have used Paypal since 2000 and probably have at least 60,000 - 70,000 transactions with them in that time period. If I use my Credit Card THRU the Paypal system and something goes wrong with the purchase I will NEVER file a claim with PAYPAL...Just call up your CC Company and they override anything Paypal can do. This is MY experience
If the seller has years of 100% feedback on A'gon and has a legitimate business business through which they can run your credit card, I think it is fine to use your card as your credit card company will back you strongly if there is any problems.
As the knights said in their search for the holy grail “run away run away”!