Sell your $$$ cables and conditioners... affordable LITHIUM is here!

I wanted to give you a frame of reference as to where I'm coming from and most importantly a first impression after 24hrs!
I've been an addict since my first system of KEF Concord speakers, Crimson Electric amps and an Ariston turntable back in college in '81. Since then I've been down the entire Linn system with Active Kabers, Full Meridian active system with DSP5200's as well as some burly NZ Perraux mono blocks with Sonus Faber when I lived in NZ. Since moving to the US in 2001 I've been through years of altercations between solid state camps from Bel Canto, Levinson stereo 336 to mono 436's, 532H and Mac 452 to speakers from B&W 802N and D2 to Wilson Sophia 2's, Sonus Faber Amati Homage and Revel Studio 2's. I've tried conditioners from Transparent, AQ Niagra, Isotek and others and every time come back to a decent cable straight from the wall.
Three years ago I took the plunge and went down the Devialet rabbit hole, streaming direct from a MacBook Air with ROON my Devialet D200 (soon to become a D400) drives my Focal Utopia Diablos via Analysis Plus Solo Crystal 8 speaker cables (and that's another whole can of worms with enormous cable differences), a JL Audio Fathom F110 (also about to be doubled up) rounds it out. My livening room is about 22x25 with 10ft ceilings and partially treated as best I can accommodate. 
Suffice to say, I've been around the block with hifi, listened to way more than my fair share at dealers and friends with diverse systems and currently run one of the most reveling systems I've ever heard. Sure, there's not that thick syrupy warmth the tube guys will clammer for, but then I'm hearing so much further into not just tonality but intent within the playing. 

If you read the review in Enjoy the Music from Tom Lyle, you'd see he equates the GZ Yeti to the $30k Stromtank. His review was the $400 Yeti 400. The Yeti 1000 was $1099, the 3kW Yeti 3000 is $2999 and will power almost anything. So, like Tom I took the plunge and bought a Yeti 1000 figuring it'd have plenty of 'headroom' for my meagre 600w consumption. (Though I have since plugged my JL Audio Fathom in too)

After playing the "FedEx f'ed up" again game, I finally went to their depot and picked up my new toy myself. After a handful of songs to establish a baseline for the evening, I simply plugged the Yeti 1000 in, reconnected the Devialet and sat back... My girlfriend was first to break the silence and then immediately regretted it as I couldn't help myself interrupting her for the next half hour of gushing over what a profound difference it was making.
H-U-G-E. Truly component level and an absolute game changer. 

I was immediately texting my good friend with his PS Audio Directstream, Gryphon Diablo, Audio Physic Avantera III all powered by the latest Synergistic Research Powercell 12SE and Gallileo power cord with AQ Hurricane to each component - SELL- SELL- SELL it all, get a Goal Zero! 

We stayed up until 2am listening, flipped it back for a handful of now unlistenable tracks and then back again to Yeti 1000 happiness. In over six hours of powering my Devialet and Fathom at 90+db levels it'd dropped to a laughable 98%. I'm guessing that means it'd run off the grid for 300hrs or more? That's probably a several months of listening for most people. Who even cares, it simply sounds spectacular and the single biggest improvement I've ever heard from anything less than a major amp or speaker upgrade. 

I know my system is fairly frugal and green running, my buddy Matts, Gryphon would probably need the 3000W Yeti as his amp pulls 1900W at full song and his full stack of components albeit front end certainly add a few hundred more.   He's headed down to me in a couple of week with a stack of exotic power cables and conditioners  to try and I can't wait to share my results - I'm guessing he'll want to steal it away for his own demo right after. I would imagine he'd even get away with the Yeti 1000, so long as he doesn't run it too hard?
My method to treat the electrical grid of my house had teach me that the level of noise in any normal electrical grid is so high, unbeknownst to the owner, that the audio bliss with most audio gear is compromised...

I want to be off grid  one day also then I concur with the post of martin-Andersen my best...
Would you still use a power conditioner with one of these?  Or would it be moot?
Did you read what I wrote?. I did not remove any of the heat sensors on the heatsinks or otherwise....just the one on the bottom of the battery. I did not remove any of the "two hour fire protection" or whatever? you imagine.

I read exactly what you wrote, did you READ what you wrote?

What you removed is the fire protection... Simple. In the event of a fire it's all over. This is protection leading up to the fire, not after the fact. You missed the point. YOU will probably never have the problem. I hope NOT.
As an old wore out heavy EQ mechanic. I stay out of trouble,  I DON'T GET OUT OF TROUBLE...BUT I've helped many that have "been in the business since the late 70s".

I never J walk, EVER! Most traffic/pedestrian deaths in the WORLD are attributed to J WALKING. and NOT paying attention to the SIGNS...
"Do Not remove" is one of those signs.. READ!! The heat sensor is just that, a heat sensor, it only provides a signal to, shut down, cool down, or restart. It offers no physical protection. These batteries are very toxic when burning.VERY!!!

I trust what I do. I have been in this business since the late 70s.
WHAT BUSINESS??? You mean tinkering with stereo gear? Playing
with STUFF? In the business implies you have been properly trained.
Rule # 1 Safety First
Rule # 2 Safety Second
Rule # 3 refer back to rules 1 & 2

I started with MONO, 16rmp 78rpm then 33s, how long ago is that? LONG TIME mate.
The protection is for your neighbor NOT YOU, obviously.
"The business" when it comes to electrical it's simple, don't trust anyone or anything, check check check... and then recheck... 

The unit as it stands, with its top and sides and bottom off....sitting up off the floor on pieces of wood (so air circulates around the bottom of the battery).
 WOW, so you remove the fire protection, add a little kindling (on wood) an extra supply of O2 and "it never gets hot", WOW, I mean WOW.
This is the epitome of , "EXACTLY WHAT NOT TO DO"
Why did you remove it to begin with? REALLY WHY? Was it running hot?
Shutting down? WHY? If there was no problem, running cool enough, ect why remove it, You crack me up.  Mechanics nightmare for sure...

I remember when I was a kid 1958-60, my father comes home with pictures of a single engine jet fighter, I can't remember the model, F86-100 era, USAF MMAG group (military maintenance advisory group). The nose on the aircraft was gone, GONE. a single nicad battery failed. BOOM!!!! More damage than in actual combat and landed. yup yup...
He was amazed it landed, and no injuries.

As far as the "divine mother", I'll stick with the "Divine Father", though gender neutral. LOL

Still a cool Idea, just be safe everyone. It's not ok to remove any protection on ANY type of battery. It is there for you , and YOUR NEIGHBORS.

Respectfully and with regards, I bid you adieu...

Again, we choose between love and fear.....every second.....and again, you must tie up your horse.  Some would rather put the horse in the barn and chain it in there to make absolutely sure that the horse will not get away (it"s called a lack of faith).  I trust myself to always do the loving and safe thing....even when jwalking.  There is only one rule.....the rule of love....don't hurt yourself or anyone else.

Everyone has their own fear threshold.  Evolution is noticing your fear based beliefs and transforming them into the infinite possibilities that is our diving nature.  If you do not want to grow then you will defend your fear based know, being DEAD right.....taking it to your grave.  I choose to live in the infinite eternal love and joy that exists right now.  I let go of fear based beliefs for the benefit of all mankind.  For my liberation is everyones......we are all connected.  Whatever we think, say, feel and do effects everyone on the planet......we are that powerful.  I wish everyone infinite joy and love......for that is what you already are.