Sell Theta DSPro Gen Va???

Hi Guys,

I have ~$1000 to invest in a new (used) transport - thinking Lexicon RT-20 would be the way to go - or I can sell my Theta DSPro Gen Va and use the proceeds to get a CDP. The latter would give me a budget of ~$2500, incl. available cash.

The rest of my system is Spectral DMC-180.1, Avalon Radian HC, MIT MH850 triwire spkr cables. My listening is 100% cds, mostly jazz, classic rock, pop and folk, plus a little classical.

Not really being up on the latest and greatest because I'm just getting back into the hobby after a 7+ year break, I'm looking for suggestions on the best direction? Also, would prefer something SACD compatible.


Here's one possibility...
Can you update a Va to the Generation VIII from Theta? The model VIII is a superb sounding unit and might be the best route to go.
The upgrade idea sounds interesting, but I have nothing to upgrade. Currently don't have a transport.

AFAIK Theta doesn't upgrade a unit unless you're the original owner (I'm not), and I don't think it's possible to upgrade from a Gen Va to a Gen VIII anyway.

Schotbus - The Upgrade Co. sells factory new equipment that David Schulte has worked his magic on. He sells mod'd. CDPs from Denon, Esoteric and other brands too, I believe. Check out the website and you will see what I mean.
I know of one owner of a broken Gen Va (which is no longer supported by Theta) to whom Theta offered trade-in value toward a Gen VIII DAC. However, in view of Theta's withdrawal of support for all prior models during the run up to the recent acquisition, I would be cautious about buying anything from Theta.