Sell or keep my Turntable

I have a Rega Planar 3 with RB300 tonearm and Linn K9 cartridge I purchased in 1988. I used it that summer and with a few exceptions it has not seen much use. I just find using CD more convenient. I have 150 records and will probably get back into them at sometime in my life but the Rega just sits boxed in the basement.

I'm contemplating selling it to use the funds in my current system.

Have you sold your TT and later regretted it?

Are current TT's that much better so I should sell the Rega and buy a TT if I happen to get back into vinyl someday?

If I decide to sell the Rega what would be a reasonable asking price?

Thanks - Jack
don't sell it...i wish i had kept my turntable...beautiful thing about your table and arm is they are built to last and are not outdated. i listen to SACD and that has actually helped me appreciate the sound of vinyl (which I'm going to get back into) and has helped clarify for me the harshness of redbook CDs (comparatively). I only know what my ears tell me, and there is a difference...vinyl (and SACD) sounds more natural. I'm also a photographer, and even though there are megapixel cameras out there, I still prefer the "analogue" look of a print coming from film and a chemical darkroom. Very much the same "magic" dimension and presence that is there with vinyl. CD is convenient and I'm glad I have it, but why not have all mediums at your disposal? I'd recommend selling something else.
If I were you I wouldn't sell it. You think you will get back to your records one day - that means you need something to play them. The Rega with arm is pretty good, and I really liked the K9. So at present, you have a pretty decent TT, and who knows what it might cost you to buy a new/other TT in the future. If, however, you need the storage space or money.... sell it. Check the ads here on A'gon to seem what reasonable prices are, I really haven't got a clue.
Podeschi, ditto on all counts!
Don't sell! I just had my Phillips GA 312 fixed after 12 years. I forgot how much I missed it. Although I have a complete HT, I will often retreat back to the bedroom and play one of the few LP's I still own through the Mission 70's I also kept. Keep it even if you have to store it!
If you're keeping the LP's, keep the TT. You will eventually want it, and finding a good TT for a reasonable price is difficult. I know this since I just bought one after looking for close to a year.

If you're really sure you won't use it, P3's and other comparable TT's are commanding high dollars right now. But who knows how much you'll have to pay in a few years to buy it back.
I'll play your devil's advocate among this crowd. 150 LP's is not exactly a massive collection, though what they mean to you may be an entirely different story. I sold my turntable rig that I'd had and upgraded several times since 1985. I tried and tried and just never got what all the fuss was about. OK, yeah, it sounds marginally more musical than the better digital, but it just wasn't enough for me to go through all the expense and trouble of cleaning, maintenance, pops and clicks, short play-time, etc. My collection is over 400 LP's which I still consider small compared to many I've seen. You can always get a great deal on a table like yours here on A'gon if you decide you just can't live without it. I don't agree that they'll be commanding a high $ amount....there are always good deals to be found if you are patient. Analog (turntable) is of the most esoteric of music playpack systems at this point, and is being relegated to hard-core audiophiles more and more. I don't see that changing any time in the future, any more than I see silver film emulsions making a resurgence over digital even though silver is clearly superior. I don't think it is going to die as a format any time soon either, but I also don't think it will flourish in the mainstream ever again. Precious few new releases are available on LP, and that number will only dwindle with time and as digital closed the gap (and I'm sure it will). The one great aspect of turntable ownerhship is that buying old LP's is oh so much more affordable than new releases on digital (which are a complete rip-off at today's prices). Regardless, if you're not using it, and haven't for some time, I'd say sell it. As Satch suggests; to get an idea of price, just search the current ads.

Back to your LP-loving A'goners. No need for flames, I know mine ain't a popular opinion here. Just one among many....

Marco - I wholly respect your opinion and would never flame you just for being misguided. :-)

Hey, can I unburden you of those LP's that you'll otherwise have to lug around? :-)
Thanks for the charitable restraint 4yanx! Since you ask, I'll take the opportunity to make a shameless ad here since software ads are free anyway: Sure, you or anyone can unburden me of the LP chain around my ankle. As long as I don't have to make a huge list of what's in there I'd sell the whole lot for .50 cents a record + cheap media shipping from Seattle to you. I'd make an actual count of the records of course. Guaranteed to be something for everyone in the lot, but it's a mixed bag and at that price I'll only sell them as a group not one at a time and I ain't making no stinkin' lists. Conditions will vary but I'd guess at least half were in minty shape, and there are certainly some gems. Anyone interested can ping me directly through A'gon.

You basically haven't used the TT in 16 years. That says it all - SELL IT!
Before you sell the Rega, why don't you set it up one last time and spin some records for a couple nights, and see how much you still want to sell it afterwards? Maybe you'll decide you want to keep it...maybe not...but why ask us a question that you should really be answering yourself?
Have you sold your TT and later regretted it?
- No, but we stopped listening to LPs in 1985 when we got sucked in by the convenience of CD's. Fifteen years and 800 CDs later we realized we had pretty much stopped listening to music altogether. We certainly regretted that. Something was wrong so we upgraded everything. It sounded a lot better but the same something was still wrong, though much less so. Finally, after hanging around here way too much last year, we bought a new TT/arm/cartridge. Nothing's wrong any more. All I regret is fifteen years of declining musical satisfaction, but the rediscovery has been a blast.

Are current TT's that much better so I should sell the Rega and buy a TT if I happen to get back into vinyl someday?
- Yes, current TT's are that much better. Current cartridges are WAY better. Unfortunately, they can also be expensive.

If I decide to sell the Rega what would be a reasonable asking price?
- Check the ads here, there's always lots of Rega stuff for sale.

Before making your decision do what Dirtyragamuffin suggested. His advice was excellent. It's your music, let your ears decide.
Don't sell. You'll get very little for your P3 and RB300 - certainly not enough to make a purposeful upgrade. Buying 150 new CDs will cost you more than you'll get from your P3 and 150 LPs. Buy a new cartridge, say a DV10X-5 and play your music again.
What a great thread! I've been wrestling with this question a bit myself lately. I have a P25/Benz Glider that I haven't used in a couple of months because I don't currently have a phono stage. And, any used phono stage that I want is at least $1000. Plus another IC. Plus, I really want to upgrade my TT if I do that.

I have several digital formats going at the moment, CD, SACD, 96/24 HDAD's, & DVD. I really think digital technology has gotten to the point where it's a lot more cost effective than vinyl (once you figure in a good record cleaner, phono stage, & get beyond the entry level TT & cartridge), But, I'm not going to sell all my vinyl--I have a lot of LP's that "mean a lot" to me.

Are you really attached to your vinyl LP's? If not, then maybe sell the lot & your P3. To quote Onhwy61:
*You basically haven't used the TT in 16 years. That says it all - SELL IT!*

As for me, I'm bugged with all the dues & expense & inconvenience of vinyl. But I'm also thinking of upgrading my TT to one of the better Basis or VPI models. This is partly because "I want more cool toys". No one says that a hobby always has to "make sense".

Good luck!
Great thread indeed...I sold all my LP's! Thanks David!

So they are sold - No more emails please, and thank you for all who wrote. There's a good reason for keeping your turntable Steve - 369 LP's for the price of 10 CD's!! Not bad!

Sell, the time is now.
My philosophy with audio equipment and all other things- sell (or give) what you are not using now to someone who can enjoy it now.

There will always be another available later.
I'll take your albums off your hands. Evil me.
No, don't sell! Don't sell. I feel better now.