Sell a speaker you like but CANNOT optimize sound?

Has any one considered selling ( or actually sold) a speaker you own (or owned) and liked because you can't seem to optimize the "sound" to your tastes by changing electronics or cables,etc.etc.

PLEASE NOTE:..... I want to note that there are many reasons for selling a high-end speaker such as:... the living space changes, the speaker begins to annoy you and/or wife because of its size and appearance, financial or family considerations, or reluctantly won't admit to yourself, you are just tired of the way it sounds, even after investing time and effort to optimize its sound

Should make for an interesting discussion!!!
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Is there a perceived shortcoming in the speakers' performance, or are your tastes changing?

I find that as I mature as an audiophile my experience and expectations greatly elevate, and consequently the gear which used to satisfy no longer does. This can definitely precipitate a change in speakers. No big deal; actually, a wonderful catalyst to better things! :)
If you know what your doing this should NOT be a problem.
If you can't optimize their sound doesn't that mean you don't like them?
If you can't optimize their sound doesn't that mean you don't like them?
I agree with Sebrof. If you cannot optimize the sound, you are not pleased.

How can you like something you're not pleased with?
some speakers will not work in rooms they don't like, though certainly some speakers are much more room, set-up, placement sensitive than others...
I got a small handsome Denton, no chance to sell them, coz it's dirt cheap but excellent sound and craftsmanship, little giant speakers that I won't sell...But i can imagine if even I a little big speakers like Wharfedale Jade 3, I maybe feeling irratating of it's beefy look, weird modern design, that eventually may cause to get rid of it. Likewise, I think more expensive and gears that occupy too much space is kinda hollow to listen to, I mean ain't you got 2 ears, why you need a concert hall speakers or moutain floor stander? Unless you are rich enough to put those into tremendous collections xD
Earlier Alon model, they really worked best with tubes but they were low'ish efficiency and I didn't want to run high powered tube amps. Just couldn't make them sound right with SS amps.
If you "can't optimize the sound" in your home (assuming that's where the problem is), how was the sound different when you auditioned them? Maybe the speakers have a flaw that placement, room treatments, upstream componentry, and tweaks can't fix.

Here's an example of an extreme case where the user went to lifelong herculean efforts, where he needed a different tweeter or speakers altogether.

My own philosophy is that I don't care the brand name, the look, or the rave reviews. If I have to work too hard to get it to sound right, I have better things to do with my time.

I will admit that I've done gradual adjustments to my Magneplanar 1.7s over the two years I've owned them. But they always sounded *good* from the start. I just found ways to bring out their best over time.
Thanks to all that responded. In regards to the topic, obviously I am pulling from personal experience, and can't say that every minute with my speakers has been a disappointment. I have a bad habit of changing around things like amps, CD players speaker cable and IC's, and maybe as the old saying goes "...... just hoisting myself on my own petard", that is, causing my own unexpected consequences.

Nevertheless, I have entered a new cycle of dissatisfaction with my speakers, and trying to figure out if moving one freakin 6 ft bookcase across the room in a different place could be the simple culprit Therefore, there is n 5 feet of empty wall space with only a large world map and a recliner which looks forward to a TV across the room. Let me also add, and related to another recent thread, I have for the first time used an Iso=Tek "System Enhancer and Reguvenation" CD. The results are somewhat unnotable.

However, today's listening session, there has emerged a nasty hardness to the sound, that also lacks air and some detail, and is most pronounced on piano tracks. The sound is much less engaging, and so,I am less interested to listening more. It is too early to ascribe a main reason or reasons, to this new episode. All I can say is this is not the first time and may be the sixth sonic dilemmas. It is just getting to be a big pain in the ass.

Maybe as Mr. Schroeder has suggested, this dilemma may give cause to changing speakers and finding something better or much better However, I don't foresee, and can't spend say $8700 for the Devore O/93 speaker or a cool $12,000 for his O/94 speaker. I have heard the original YG Carmel speaker ,and have seen them used on sale on AG for as low $8500 own from its retail of $18,000.

In addition my taste or hearing may have changed to the point that I just want to find a new sound that is consistently satisfying..... Please note, I realize the numerous and various parameters that factor into good engaging sound. I will keep you posted, if you care to be. Please free to offer comments, suggestions, or any type bandaids.
Once I realized (after several years) that, although the speakers were pretty good speakers, they would never sound how I wanted them to, with the SS amplification I was using, and when I decided to look at speakers that fit my listening tastes and the rest of my system better, I (thankfully) moved on and never looked back. It was like a sigh of relief, a fresh breeze and a spring day. Sometimes, you just gotta move on. Good luck figuring out the next step that works for you.
I also wonder about changing to a different, though equal, speaker, then all your music sounds different than it has in years...