Selfless, Audio professionals, who help us improve are life of listening to music.

It is with the greatest sadness, that I must inform my fellow audio enthusiasts. That one of the greatest and most impactful members of our fraternity has passed on.

He was the Manager of Fidelis A/V ( audio / video ) in Nashua, N.H. And touched the lives of many of us.

Bill Henk, was without a doubt, the kindness supportive, and most willing, to volunteer his time and share his vast knowledge with audio enthusiasts of all levels.

He knew more about audio than most of us will ever learn. And though he was an expert he never made you feel that you were not. He enthusiastically welcomed every person he contacted to embrace all aspects of the hobby we all love.

His love of music was obvious, and his life long endeavor. To assist all who heard the clarion call of High Fidelity audio. He would spend as much time as needed, patiently listening, to any and all questions. And most valuable of all, he provided valuable advice, on how you could improve your listening experience.

He was not interested in making money, he was more interested in sharing the experience of listening to music in the way it could best be achieved in a home environment.

Over his career, he undoubtedly directly, and indirectly, touched the lives of thousands of people. How many goosebumps owe their propagation to his well crafted advice.

Anyone can sell you gear you don't need, and or is wrong for you. If you want to buy something, and the seller does not care about the end benefit to you. All too many audio sellers, are just trying to make a buck, and be damned how the customer is treated.

Bill, treated all equally, he valued the enthusiasm of the potential audio buyer, more than their buying power.

Bill's business in life was being involved in the human experience, and his fellow man. Sharing a cultural art form with as many people as humanly possible.

With Bill's passing, Our Earth has grown a little colder and less humane. I know every time, I turn my audio system on, I will think of Bill's contribution to how well, I can enjoy listing to the music I love.

Thank you, Bill Henk for all you have done to support me, and my fellow audio enthusiasts. You will be sorely missed.

Please make a contribution to support the family he left behind.

Please make a contribution today or soon, to show how much you care about his personal service, and the dedicated individuals who have devoted their professional output, to assist our listening enjoyment. Audiophiles can be hard to please. Just think about that if it was your job to do so. It can't be easy.

Make me, and all of us in this fraternity of Audio, be proud of our humanity. Sell a set of interconnects to a friend or a component that is just sitting unused. Take that money and donate some money to Bill's Family.

Call a fellow audio friend and share a story about Bill that you fondly remember. Listening to audio alone can be an enjoyable experience, listening to audio with a good friend can be priceless.

What does a day of golfing cost you, or skiing, or other hobby. How many hours, days, months, and yes, years have we enjoyed Bill's assistance to us.

Bill was too proud of a man to ever ask for assistance.

But, I am asking you to PLEASE consider donating to his fund. In fact, I am willing to BEG you to do as I have done myself, and donate to Bill's Henk's, G.F.M. site.

Thank you for reading this and thank you for being part of our audio community.
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Bill was indeed one of the true gentlemen of audio. He was always welcoming and willing to give you a listen  or advice even if you were only purchasing a $3 LP.
RIP kind Sir ! Thanks for blessing so many lives. Great tribute:-) let’s all donate
Cheers fellow audio friends
Bill is and was always in my mind the pinnacle of audio gurus. As was written here he was honest. He sought to know a friends level of involvement and understand in our overbearing hobby in order to guide ones evolution properly. Value is important, sure. But satisfaction more.

I am an adjunct technician for Fidelis. Repairing hi-end gear for desperate customers of usually no longer serviceable gear in most cases referred by Bill. Ive modified older gear for him but only minimally, a good call as the unit needed to have appeal. He was patient and always kept his word...and would pay me for work out of pocket if necessary.
I will never forget this man. His passing is really affecting me.
Please visit or call Fidelis. As I understand they have listed for sale items from his estate, with all proceeds directly going to his estate.