Self-powered mini speakers for iPod

Have any of you compared some of the better, self-powered pairs of minispeakers, such as:
- Audioengine 2, 5
- Sierra
- M-Audio
- others you've found?

I'd like to order a pair sight unseen (with refund option), and thought I may as well listen to the voice of experience before making a choice.

If your budget allows you might consider the NHT M-00.

Out of the 3 you list the Audioengine is superior to the other 2 in every way you can describe a powered speaker.
Nick, thanks for the comparison, I appreciate that a lot. Some people have said that Audioengine have a "midrange suckout". Have you heard anything about this?

How do you think the NHT M-00 compares to the Audioengine?

Dan, do you happen to know how does the Kanto compare to the ones being discussed on this thread?

The audioengine is a good sounding mini monitor that out performs anything else in it's size or price range. You'll find plenty of opinions to support mine, and like everything else in audio, those who claim otherwise.

The NHT M-00 is a far superior speaker by comparison. They are impressive in that they are more 'articulate.' Something that us audio engineers look for. I first heard them in Chuck Ainley's studio in Nashville. I own a recording studio on the west coast and use them.