Self bias tube integrated or power amp suggestions

I'm looking for recommendations on a quality tube amp that is self bias,could be a power amp or integrated amp.
I would like to stay below a grand used,Chinese amps are fine as long as they have a good reputation.

I need something with decent power too. Like 20 watts or more. Triode a plus/prefered.

Looking forward to finding something. I have an Eastern Electric pre to use with a power amp.

Thanks in advance.
I would highly recommend the PrimaLuna line, though this will cost a little more than a grand used. You might be able to find a Prologue One integrated for near that used.
There is a Primaluna PL1 on here right now for around $900.

Great sounding amp, easy to use, musical
The AES / Cary AE-25 amp is auto-biasing, all point-to-point wired, sounds wonderful, uses a wide range of output tubes and is within your budget. It puts out only 15 watts in triode but mine has no trouble at all with a pair of 88db speakers in an 11x17 room.
2nd the PrimaLuna,though I would go for a PL2 and upgrade the input tubes.
Consonnace amps - check out the closeout ads from Quest for Sound under integrated tubeamps here -some are a little more than what you want to pay, but brand new and attractive prices - very nice amp (I am not affliated other than as a customer)
Really recommend a Rogue Tempest v1. The original was self biasing. Prefer Magnum version if you budget permits. Also has main in so you could use as an amp. Two things to note. It has a passive line stage so if you are using phone make sure your phono stage output is not on the margin. Also it runs pretty hot. Hotter than the v2 which is not self biasing. Plenty of power.
Contact Trelja, he is the North American distributor for Consonance, and they are really great sounding, especially at their prices.
Try Cayin integrated.
Are Cayin's self bias type amps?
Some say that they are and some say that they are not !
My A-88T was not !

Incidently , I had a heck of a time trying to get the biasing procedure and specs from the N.A. distributor , they were not included in the user manual . Several emails went unanswered . I finally had to get them through a member here .

Good luck .
As the former North American distributor for Consonance, Trelja has a nice inventory of current products at unbeatable prices.

As opposed to the previous distributor who is selling out of production components and in-house modified products. Both of which are not covered by a factory warranty.
ahhh --you are wrong -- we warrant all our consonance product and have our own service department and we also do mods on all equipment -- and not only do Consonance but also warrant all product we sell
Until recently deciding to end the relationship, I served as the North American Consonance importer/distributor for the past 2 years. Now, I'm just looking to liquidate the stuff, most likely at the best pricing available - often at less than my own cost or even typical used gear.

I think Cayin, Consonance, and Prima Luna amplifiers are all good suggestions, with Cayin offering what I consider the best cosmetics, and both Cayin and Consonance the best, though different (Cayin more lively and engaging, Consonance more rich and full-bodied) sonics.

Unfortunately, if you're looking for modded gear, I'm sorry, I cannot help there. The owner of the Opera Audio/Consonance personally requested me not to go in that direction, as his perspective was that both sonics and reliability were compromised, and he openly stated he would refuse to support such components.

Huh? So your are no longer the distributor for Consonance, and a dealer is also closing out his stuff? That is not a strong vote of approval for any high end company. Would you say? I guess I am stuck with mine then just when I was about to unload it. Folks reading this won't offer me much I think.

88 - Baloney. There was a NA dealer for Opera Audio prior to Trelja and there will likely be another after him. Just because Trelja is no longer the dealer is not going to effect the products' qualities or used value. As long as the next dealer offers quality service you have no worries on the worth of your gear. Although you might want to avoid using terms like "unloading". I think that would effect the product's value more than the dealer's identity.
Rockadanny, Don't have a clue if you have an affiliation to Consonance agon or what not. Seem lots of you folks have an affiliation to something here, so I hope I didn't offend you in some way.

Guess my point was that before I had Trelja reassuring me that he was there for me concerning my amp. The next thing I know he bails on them. I'm not saying he should have stayed. But it has been my experience that people bailing on something like this company point to ownership issues. Usually the ownership concerned about the almighty dollar, and not listening to those attempting to give them good advise designed to help with the business. After all, they are the owner, how could anyone else know what is best? My best friend is a Chinese man and I love him like crazy. But when it come to listening to me about anything to do with his business? He ignores me and then later when he finds out I was correct, won't admit it.

My bet is Consonance will go out of business, or have major internal changes. As far as me saying something such as " unloading " Have you looked at the list of Consonance dealer closeouts?
88 - Just an average Joe (Dan) - no affiliations - no offense. I now see your point - trusting that your dealer will be there for you. That is a drag. Not sure exactly why Monte or Trelja dumped them (or got dumped by them). We'll never know all the details. Sometimes its the dealer, sometimes the manufacturer, sometimes its mutual. I hope it is not a sign of Opera Audio products or the company failing. I've had a couple of their products and felt they were well built and sonically pleasing for the money. Only time will tell.

I hope Consonance makes it as well. I find the appearance of their gear appealing to the eye, and with a little tube rolling find the sound pleasing as well. Unfortunately I'm not one of these folks here at agon that can afford to keep gear around that appears to have no company willing to stand behind it. If I was then, gear such as Melos would still have more appeal then something built 10,000 miles away. If there was schematics available that would make it easier as there are many qualified techs that could service the equipment. To me the fact that there are so many Consonance closeout pieces for sale here at agon should send a strong message to the ownership. But perhaps sales are good back home. It would be nice if someone with concern would send Consonance a post such as this.

Good luck to them!