selection of internal wiring cable

I stood in front of the choice of cable to replace the standard cable in the amplifier from the board to the acoustical terminals.
And also inside the speaker system.
These are several options, you can choose from them, you can add your own. Thank you in advance.
What amp And Speakers?

Audio Research ls7+ Audio Research Classic 60

  acoustic system :

I went with the Mundorf Solid silver gold hook up wire for the internal of my speakers and highly recommend going with silver gold either the Neotech or Mundorf. Solid core Silver Gold wire sounds spectacular and the only reason I chose the Mundorf was for the availability of it where I live over the Neotech.

If you choose the Neotech OCC make sure you ask Chris at Partsconn, what wire gauge is best for your application.

I have read that the Neotech OCC Silver Gold sounds better with increased air and separation but the Mundorf is certainly no slouch in these areas. I was told the Mundorf takes 700 hrs to break in with mine having 350 hrs Im most impressed with the tonality, voices,piano and huge, deep soundstage that raps around you.

I encourage you to search thru google about the attributes of silver gold over copper .