selection of amp to drive DYNAUDIO C1

hi guys,was wondering which amp should perform the best for my set up,i'm open for your suggestion but will spend max for $3k,thank u all!
here what my mind:
PLINIUS 102 OR simple INT 9200
i like all kind music especially with vocal,the amp later will match with dac/pre either bel canto DAC3 or benchmark DAC
Used Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista M3 integrated amp.
Thanks thu!
But I prefer something with balance input and newer amp!
Plinius 102 if you like a warmer sound. I have heard the 9200 as well, though the power ratings look good they do not have sufficient drive and control for the C1.
Go for the Pass if you want something more transparent and dynamic, depends on your source and preamp actually, if they are already tilted towards warmth then you might be better off with Pass. I dont have first hand experience with Pass but have discussed with some audiophiles I trust.
I used to own Confidence C1 driven by the Parasound Halo A21 (preamp Primare PRE30). Decent match indeed, but perhaps not helpful enough info for you, since I have not any experience with other amps from list. Pass X250 should be better, relying on price difference vs Halo A21. Plinius 102 reportedly has some tublike mellow sound character, which might be not the best match with slightly darkish Confidence C1.

Top new ontopic info, a few days old. A friend of mine, C1 owner for some 5-6 years (which means he knows well what is he talking about), recently employed Krell KAV-400xi on C1, saying that cheapo Krell almost blown away both double pricier Classe CAP-2100 and exotic vintage Sansui Alpha 907 integrades. Particularly in bass area, among other parameters.

Hope this helps.
I was using Plinius 9200 with C1 for 2 years. Plinius 9200 has more then enough power to drive C1, more then enough....

Now I'm driving C1 with a 30W tube amp, class A. No problem at all. C1 play music with authority, bass like from small to middle size floorstanders. Tube amp is a better match then Plinius 9200. Midrange, vocals... especially vocals. You know.
pani,i like it warm and natural sound.
consider PLINIUS 102 is class A/AB amp,is a good thing!
Zomi,i try my C1 with KRELL 400xi,is put control in the bass like u said but little to dry for my taste.
Jkuc,thanks for the info,i was listen at moderate,never pass 11 oclock volume as i stay in apt,but now im better stay with SS amp
X250.5 was the best amp, period, that I tried on C1s.

For integrateds, BAT beat them all.
Honeyooi, if your source is neutral sounding then go with the Plinius 102, you will love them. If your source and preamp is already too warm then Pass would be a much better choice.
I've heard it with Gamut monoblock amplification. Wow!!!
keithr,that one above my budget:(
but BAT ,will check it out.
Pani,my source is Pioneer BDP-23fd,thats why im consider to match with some DAC later.
thanks for the info,look like this 2 amp barely on the list:).
Peter,can't afford that mono.
I've heard the Plinius 102 with Harbeths - what a sweet combination - I think it's a very sweet amplifier.
I second the Plinius SA-102. I used it in combination with an Aesthetix Calypso preamp when I owned Dyn. C2's & C4's to good effect. Would also recommend you try a higher powered tube amp if you are comfortable with moving beyond a solid state amp. I've been unable to return to solid state amps since trying tube amps.
Anyone using the C1's with a class D amplifier?
ahhh,finally one of the amp show up:)
got the PASS x-250 and now awaiting for delivery.
thank u all,for now i will hunting for DAC/PRE or PREAMP to match!
any suggestion,my price around $1k.

You made a wise choice. I run my C1's with an X350 and am very happy. I would go with an Pass Labs X1 preamp instead of the Aleph P and take advantage the Super Symetry circuitry in the X1. I suggest you download Nelson Pass's patent on Super Symetry and read it. Reno Hifi often times has great deals on refurbished X1's and are usually posted for sale here on Audiogon. Best of luck with you X250.5.
liguy,thanks for the input!
too bad,my bugdet only can afford the X-2,or Aleph P now.
did u ever try any other pre with your X350?
Unfortunately no. Actually the X2 is a good little preamp. It does not have the bells and whistles of the more expensive preamps but the X circuitry is in place. I think you would be happy with it. Best of luck.
Can't get the X-2,change route to DAC3 from Bel Canto and drive direct to amp,so far so good :)